Blackbora is an online brand that creates and curates stunning designs and prints them on all sorts of equally stunning products - from t-shirts to phone covers to coasters. We also provide independent artists a platform to showcase and monetize their creativity. Blackbora is not just a website or an organisation but a community of like-minded people getting together and expressing themselves through their work.

We might be called a lot of things. But one thing we’re not called is boring. We’re positive you will never have a dull moment working here. Mondays are as fun as Fridays and that’s saying something. It’s a fun, happy environment we have here, so we make sure to hire the right set of people.

So here's your chance to work at an exciting and fast growing start-up. There's a lot to learn and you will be working very closely with the founders of the company. What's even cooler is that no matter what job/ internship you initially take up, you also have the flexibility to take up additional assignments in other departments and add to your skill-set (because, start-up).

If you wish to apply, please drop your updated resume/cv at:

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