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Aforementioned phone created a buzz when it was launched, and we have come out with amazing printed Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Phone Covers. All of us are today looking for a smartphone which not only matches the cash in our pockets but it also has sleek and style. Xiaomi has come up with its latest Redmi Note 5 Pro which not only matches the above two but a lot more requirement of the users. The China-based company has in the past also been able to give a strong competition to various big rivals due to its durability, style, and affordability.

With a mouth dropping cheap rate of 16,000 Redmi Note 5 Pro has made it sufficiently clear that most of the best phones do not need to be at a high price to be at high quality. It is pretty easy to pack the latest and fastest technology in a handset which is easily affordable for everyone.

There have been a lot of tests and reviews on the latest Redmi Note 5 Pro, and the results and ultimate conclusions have been baffling.

Quite a Looker

The Redmi Note 5 Pro which has a 5.99-inch, 2160x1080 IPS LCD with an 18:9 aspect ratio comes with multiple settings display. In this handset, various colors, contrast, and temperature can be adjusted according to user's choice. The corners of the phone are curved, and the body is said to be entirely different from that of any of its predecessor. The curves make the phone comfortable to hold and facilitate smooth operation, despite sporting a 5.99-inch screen size. The 2.5 D glass screened rounded edges screen has brought a new dimension on to the table. It looks polished and gives an elegant feel while swiping things.

On the right side of the redmi note 5 pro, the volume button and the power buttons are placed perfectly which are neither too sensitive to touch nor very hard. On the opposite side of it is the hybrid sim tray which slides perfectly in and blends with the overall design of the handset. The rear panel of the phone not only give a metallic look which appears elegant but even feels secure in hands. The back side of the phone also features a centrally placed fingerprint sensor to unlock your device.

The front part of the phone is beautified with the display along with the front camera, earpiece and the array of sensors on the top edge. It even comes with a coating of 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass on the top. The top of the smartphone has an IR blaster which will help you controlling TV.Also, it's worth noticing that this new phone is bigger and heavier than its previous model. If you are in an old habit of using small phones, you might have to change it as this phone is noticeably taller than an average smartphone. Even the weight of the phone has gone up dynamically.

Overall the slim body design and the smart looks with curvy edges all add up to give a top-notch review for the design and display of the phone.

Note 5 Pro Camera that shames flagships

The new Redmi Note 5 Pro powers a dual rear camera setup on the back, and comes with a high resolution 12MP primary and 5MP secondary depth sensor. The photos due to the dual camera are sharper and clearer. This is also the first phone Redmi Note series smartphone to have a dual camera on the back side and surely the setup provides way better picture quality than its predecessor note devices.

The back camera of the phone even comes with some exciting and intriguing options and settings like square mode, portrait mode, panorama and manual mode. The camera even helps in capturing long HD videos and short videos (which are pre-set to 10 seconds). The camera feature also allows the user to a flurry of an enormous amount of filters which they can apply to edit and better the pictures. The Bokeh effect in the camera has also worked well on the camera which allows to entirely focus on the foreground of the photograph. Surprisingly, in this case, not only the rear but the back camera even supports the Bokeh effects amazingly.Also, the beautification feature surprisingly looks realistic rather than making one look like an anime character, so, great for selfie lovers.

This smartphone also powers a 20MP front camera along with LED flashlight. It also comes with a beautification feature which has worked to be incredible as it makes a face glow and better looking and yet makes it look realistic. The camera applications are similar to the other MIUI 9 devices, but the latest version of Redmi Note 5 Pro has been updated to even include the option for portrait mode.  Portrait mode has been the reason for success in a lot of phones recently and should be easily counted as one of the essential parts of the phone. Portrait mode isn't just limited to the rear camera as the front camera also supports the portrait mode, and there is an additional feature of fingerprint sensor as a shutter in which you can use your fingerprint as well for shutter key. If you go to the camera settings and turn them on the fingerprint shutter. The option of zooming with the help of volume buttons is also available.

All these options are laid out at the bottom part. On the top part, you can switch to the HDR mode, which unfortunately has no Auto mode for the back camera but has one for the front camera and a filter mode with a bunch of new filters.

The front camera may be a bit of failure regarding capturing low light images, but overall the camera of Redmi Note 5 Pro is one of the biggest hit of its phone. With the additions of various features and dual mode in the rear camera, the camera of this particular smartphone may be seen in some time giving tough completion to all the Huwaei, Asus and OnePlus.

Killer Performance

The performance of any phone is ultimately the deciding factor for any phone of whether it is bound to be a successful smartphone or not. The specifications of the Redmi Note 5 Pro is very powerful as the device is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor. This processor has debuted with this smartphone in this price range, and hence no smartphone ever has been made with this processor. This itself shows the growth of the phone in comparison to its predecessors. This chip features the kyro technology which is claimed to be seen in some 800- series chipset. This handset runs on the Android 7.1.1 Nougat and is said to be supposedly get updated to Oreo update of the Android, and other major launches are also due in the latest update of the smartphone. One of the major issues which need to be addressed in the handset is that though the aspect ratio of the display is as high as 18:9 the apps in the phone are not optimized for the same, and there are, for the same reason black linings on the phone whenever an app is opened. This particularly becomes very irritating at times for the users.

Graphics have turned out to be better in this smartphone as compared to all of its predecessors. The gaming experience in the phone is much advanced and free from buffering as was the issue in other Redmi Note phones. If you want to experience high graphics gaming without any buffering or swiping problems then the Redmi Note 5 Pro is your best buy. The leap in improvement is not much noticeable on the CPU side, but there is a giant leap in performance in the GPU of the phone which is adreno 509.

Some of the credit for its performance should be likely be given to the use of the more expensive LPDDR4X memory. Apart from this, the Note 5 Pro comprises of 4GB RAM and a strong 64 GB internal storage.

The MIUI 9 just like any of the Xiaomi UI, has no app folder and therefore all apps are placed on the multiple home-screens. It accompanies an app lock feature and also a theme based option allowing dual apps space to run at the same time. The leftmost home screen also comes with quick cards that show you the most frequently used features or the applications and information.

After the finish of all the tests, it can be easily deduced that the overall performance of the Redmi Note 5 Pro is merely incredible. The phone doesn't encounter any kind of hanging problems, and the phone doesn't even heat up. It is a brilliant solution to multi-tasking as the phone handled various multi-tasking tests with ease and smoothness. You can also play games like CS, PUBG, FIFA, etc easily with Adreno 509 GPU.

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The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro is powered by a 4000mAh battery that easily comes under the group of the strongest battery back up in the market. On an average, the battery tends to last for more than an entire day after including the the average use of games, more than 2 to 3 applications, browsing social media and listening to songs. The battery life of the Redmi Note 5 Pro is as impressive as it was expected it to be. Less demanding users may even be able to last the phone for about or more than two entire days. The reason for this fast and amazing battery display is due to the 5.9-inch FHD+ display. The software used by the Mi unit is commendable, and that has resulted in an incredible battery backup for the phone.

The charging experience, on the other hand, was less stellar. Xiaomi has stick with Quick Charge 2.0 even though the 636 chipset is able to support up to Quick Charge 4.0.The phone comes without any fast charger in the box which is also a drawback. Also if you even get a fast charger of your own, there are no added advantages as charging with a 10W standard charger or high 15 W QC 3.0 charger, the results were identical. It takes about 30 minutes to charge about 27 % and 60 minutes gives charging 55 % from 0 %. An entire charge from 0 to 100 % takes time as long as about 2 hours and 30 minutes. The phone has a drawback in the charging department, and it can be seen. It is high time that the manufacturers look into this matter and find a solution to this issue as well. As the micro USB adds to further insult to the injury and it is time that USB-C is used.

The Xiaomi Note 5 Pro Accessories is without any doubt a great phone and best in its price range in the market today. With a robust yet light design and smart looks, this phone is eye candy for all the users. It also has a powerful processor powering kyro technology and even comes with a dual rear camera setup, and thus it can be concluded that the phone provides tough competition and smart features and performance as well.

The device comes with two storage options of 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage at Rs 13,999, which is dirt cheap for the kind of specifications it offers. You can also go for the 6GB RAM smartphone that comes at Rs 16,999, making it the first Xiaomi Note phone to have 6GB RAM variant.

The gaming and graphic experiences are more beautiful and smarter. With the advancement in the GPU, the Redmi Note 5 Pro has ticked all aspects in all fields of a successful smart phone. With a great battery backup the only drawback maybe its charging equipment or the weight and height of the phone which even can easily be countered with other amazing features.

The competition will always remain and always inch closer and as the wise say that it is the competition which brings advancements and better quality in the market. At this same price and specifications there is some tight competition to the Redmi Note 5 Pro namely being Xiaomi Mi A1, Huawei P 20 lite, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Honor 7X, etc. but with this particular review rate, the current Redmi Note 5 Pro still edges past all its competition.

In conclusion, it can be easily said that if you are looking for the right buy at the right cost with best camera and performance features, then this phone maybe the best buy for you for the next long time to come.

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We ensure each unit of phone cover that goes out of our manufacturing facility meets the tolerance limit and quality standards. This ensures that the cover you receive will have perfect fitting and yet look stunning. Note 5 Pro is a giant phone to hold and we make sure the covers are as thin as possible without losing the rigidity desired in a phone cover. You can be rest assured that Blackbora will keep your phone protected with Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Back Cover for Girls.