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At Blackbora we love phones and we love building accessories for your phones, in this case XiaomiRedmi Note 4 Covers. We know Xiaomi is a Chinese company that is known for its affordable yet feature-laden smartphones. The company also manufactures laptops and other smart phone related accessories like power banks, earphones, data cables, etc. It launched its first product in August 2011 and has gradually and successfully marked its existence in the market of smartphones. With less cost but no fewer features, Xiaomi launched its most successful product Note 3 and the bestseller smartphone, Redmi Note 4. Launched in August of year 2016, Redmi note 4 is one of the highest selling smartphone by Xiaomi.

The company has also succeeded to break the world record for "most mobile phones sold on a single online platform within 24 hours", by selling 2,112,010 handsets of which, a big role was played by Redmi note 4 through its direct-to-customer website Mi.com and other shopping websites. XiaomiRedmi Note 4 secures the first position in the list of bestseller smartphones in 2017. This redmi note therefore also launched it Indian version after this overwhelming response. With a decent ROM and RAM options, a massive 4100 mAh battery, Snapdragon 625 and bundles of new features with MIUI8, Xiaomi has launched RedmiNote 4 with an expectation to sell it like cheesecakes.

So, what is so amazing in Redmi Note 4? What are its specifications? What’s new in it? And where has it improved? All such questions will be answered in this article in great detail.

Redmi Note 4 Design

Full Metal body design on the rear side of Redmi Note 4 gives it a shiny metallic look, and it feels quite comfortable on hands. The 8.33mm thickness of this handset promotes that this device is one of the slimmest smartphones and it feels good for gripping. There is a circular fingerprint sensor at the back on note 4 just below the LED flash. Hence it is easy to lock and unlock at one go. Through its predecessor, redmi note 3, Xiaomi realized that sound quality was diminishing due to speakers placed at the back and when keeping the phone facing upwards it was not audible. So, the speaker grill has been shifted to the bottom instead of the rear panel.

Redmi Note 4 has been designed with an aim to make the body symmetric, and that’s why it has a speaker grill and a mic disguised as a speaker with a USB type B port in the middle. The 3.5 mm audio jack and IR blaster are located at the top. This setup decreases difficulty for the owners while using the phone on charge and listen to music on earplugs simultaneously.

The volume and power buttons are fixed on the right as usual, and can efficiently be reached with fingers. Having both the buttons on the same side is easier to use because you don’t have to keep looking for which button is on what side. Redmi Note 4 has got a good looking front panel too, complete with 2.5D curved glasses. The edges are soft and smooth to handle it from the corners. It is interesting to note that here curved glasses brings a slight curvature at the edges and protects it from damage.

Redmi Note 4 has a hybrid two sim slots on the left side. You can either insert one microSIM and one NanoSIM, or one microSD card along with a nanosim card.

The physical buttons for navigation are backlit, allowing for easy access at night. With 5.5-inch display screen and 1080 pixels of resolution, Redmi Note 4 bags its place in the list of best smartphones in 2017. The size of this note is 151.00 x 76.00 x 8.30 (height x width x thickness) and weighs 175.00 grams, and feels good to use.

How much would Redmi Note 4’s Battery Last?

The battery charging speed of redmi note 4 is fast and the battery lifespan once fully charged is way better than most of the smartphones in its competition. Redmi Note 4 packs a massive 4100mAh battery, and as per company claims, there is a 25% increment in the battery lifespan as compared to Redmi Note 3. In normal usage, Redmi Note 4 shows the battery lifespan of about 19h 15m in the lowest brightness. And on an average, the battery lifespan of Redmi Note 4, when kept at optimum brightness level, is around 15 hours.

The battery lifespan also depends on the % of RAM being used, that is, the number of Apps running(including the back Apps). For a typical user, who is running about 5-7 Apps a day for about six hours in his Redmi Note 4 will be left out with 25% of Battery level at the end of the day. And this 25% will yet stay for about 1-2 hours at a maximum usage of the phone! So, it is the most reliable smartphone for those who lack charging their smartphones all the time due to their busy day. The charging rate of Redmi Note 4 is also quite incredible. It comes with a 5V/2A charger, and with the same provided charger, Redmi Note 4 can be charged to 100% in about 3 hours if the current supply is optimal. The charging rate depends on the current percentage of battery exponentially. It means that the phone grabs the charging speed as the current percentage of battery is increased. The first 25 percent would take about 30 minutes to charge, but the last 25% will take about 20 minutes to charge. This decent battery life is due to two reasons, first being Snapdragon 625 Soc which energy efficient, and second being the latest MIUI8 which optimizes battery accordingly.

The external temperature of Redmi Note 4 may increase from 36 C to 50 C as soon as it is charged to 50%, however for a non-specialist, a 50% charge is enough for an all-day surfing net and using Apps.

Solid Performer

As per the reviews and specifications, Redmi Note 4’s Snapdragon 625 performs better than Redmi Note 3 when compared regarding performance. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 bears 8x Cortex-A53 cores on a 14nm fabrication process. But comparing with its predecessor version should not be the only source of judgment. The processor is not at all disappointing and in fact, is great because of 2.5GHz clocked Soc and 4 gigs of RAM. The device handles multitasking easily and so does gaming. For graphics processing in redmi note 4, there is Adreno 506 which easily handles gaming.

MIUI 8(The latest OS used in most of the Xiaomi phones) is a user-friendly, easy to handle and full of graphics, which can give a feeling of flexibility to the OS experience and doesn’t ends up hanged or not respond instantaneously like earlier phones. Gaming is the most critical peculiarity one wishes to have on his phone. Redmi Note 4 stands up to mark according to many users. The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is, not quite better than redmi note 3 but with the Snapdragon 625, it handles gaming effectively. The thermal dissipation is also quite good. The games start instantly and also operate in their best quality. Redmi Note 4 uses Adreno 506, Whereas the Note 3 had the Adreno 510. While the Adreno 506 has a larger clock speed, it has a lower number of ALU’s (96 vs. 128) and manages to score lesser GFLOPS (130 vs. 180). Most games on the Redmi Note 4 start off on the normal graphics setting as their default setting, but you can ramp them up on popular titles and still retain playability.


XiaomiRedmi series phones are not that famous for their camera. Still Redmi Note 4 has also not let down its customers. With 13 MP rear camera and f/2.0 aperture lens, it may seem that the Note 4 is degraded from 16MP(Note 3) to 13 MP. But megapixels covered from the lens is not the only source of judgment to check if the camera is normal. Even with lesser megapixels, the 13 MP snapper takes good quality pictures. Still, it is not that great for photography. With 0.1 ultras fast PDAF (PDAF Technology increases the focusing speed using planar image phase detection) and 1.12μm large pixels (25% larger in Note 3), Redmi Note 4 has not let down its customers much. It has a high-performance image signal processor (ISP) that comes with a dedicated hardware-level image processing technology that makes adjustments at pixel-level across each photo's dynamic range and enhances photos taken, even under low-light. Though, as for picture quality is concerned, there is room for improvement for low light photography. XiaomiRedmi Note 4 also comes with autofocus and dual-tone LED flash. Its camera's autofocus system intelligently adapts the camera lens to get the focus on the subject.

You can also use many modes in Redmi Note 4 for capturing like Normal, HDR, night mode, panorama, etc. The camera captures nearby objects very accurately with minute details and clear detailing, but distant stuff like building, etc. would not be captured very precisely. The dual flashlight LED enables easy photo clicking during the night and in dim light. The night mode is best suited for clicking in such situation with utmost perfection. The HDR mode brightens up some regions, but due to this, some parts become blackish. These camera modes are however limited to the rear camera only.

The selfie camera comes with 5MP resolution but has too much camera shaking and unclear picture issues. With no lightning and modes, it is complicated to get a clear selfie in the low or dim light. Videos recorded are also smooth clear, as long as it is taken from the primary camera. Redmi Note 4 has got two shots for video recording a 30fps rate at 1080p resolution and 120fps for video recording at 720p. Anyway, the 1080p videos are shot at the 2Mbps total bit rate, and the audio is recorded at 96Kbps/48kHz.

The videos show more detail in the shot and less noise than the still images, but they lack in dynamic range and contrast. The sound recorded in the video is also okay.

Final Verdict

After all the above discussion you may conclude that it is one of the best phones to be suggested to any potential customer. And still, you can give a list of many phones that are better than Note 4 in many aspects. But what makes Redmi note 4 a bestseller? It is the price that beats the virtual list created by you which can beat Note 4 regarding quality. Xiaomi broke the norm of having only smartphones costing 20K+ to come with a good processor and a good camera and battery life by bringing this Note 4 starting from the range 10- 11k Indian Rupees. And that is the secret why it still retains be in the market and is defeating most of the contemporary brand phones. The overwhelming response from the public provoked Xiaomi to launch a Note 4 with the standard Indian USB port with a mark at the back that is made in India.

But yes, not to forget this is not the best phone in every aspect just because of the cost is very less. The camera quality of Note 3 is considered to be better and also the processor used. Customers have also complained about the slow functioning of the fingerprint sensor and other in-built Apps. The MIUI 8, no matter is not considered to be slow but it is not as smooth as stock android.It has dual Apps feature too and that means, you can create two instances or accounts of one single Application. Xiaomi came up with this to reduce the time consumed in logging in and out every time you wish to switch to a different account. At its price range, the redmi note 4 competes with likes of Nokia 6, Lenevo K8 note, LG Q6 and some Samsung Galaxy smartphones in the price rage of 11K to 16K. Still, Redmi note 4 outperforms many smartphones.

At a price of 13,899 rupees for 4GB RAM and 64 GB ROM, Redmi Note 4 performs decently. If your budget is under 15K, you can go for it!

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