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Redmi 6 Covers

Redmi phones have always been super popular with our audience, in fact a lot of our team members use Redmi phones as they provide best bang for buck performance. Thus we are expecting Redmi 6 to be no different. Redmi 6 covers are available on Blackbora already and we are waiting for the phone to launch in India.

About Xiaomi

Xiaomi Redmi 6 is an incredible device made and manufactured in China. This device has been launched lately by the Chinese being the next generation of the Redmi smartphones. It was launched a few days after the introduction of the Mi 8 flagships. We all know that XiaomiRedmi is a series of smartphones. Therefore, Redmi 6 is a successor of the Redmi 5 and this time with more trendy features.

Features of the Xiaomi Redmi 6 Smartphone

Redmi 6 being the successor of the Redmi 5, it definitely has more and advanced features. Concisely, the device has a RAM of 4GB and a storage of 64 GB too. It also has this one and an incredible feature that people ever imagined of; the Artificial Intelligence powered Face ID. This feature is so unique in such a way that, it allows one to unlock the screen even in the very low light. Let us find out more about this device.

147.5 by 71.5 mm compact size

When looking at the Redmi 6, it really looks so compact and very easy to handle whatsoever. However, did you know if you touch and feel it makes your imagination right? Yes if you touch and feel it, it is so light. This feature of being so compact gives it a favour of having ease in packaging.

The device has a length and width of 147.5 by 71.5 mm, compared to the Redmi 5, which has a size of 151.8 by 72.8 mm. definitely, it is clear that Redmi 6 is undoubtedly smaller.

Its body is so compact makes it so convenient when holding. This is after it was made known to be the Flagship smartphone like the Xiaomi Mi 8. This tells us that the size is just on point.

5.45-inch display

The Redmi 6 being so tiny, it has 1440 by 720 pixels full screen, which is a ratio of 18:9. However, this makes it have a larger field of view compared to the previous Redmi 4 that is only 5 inches in screen size. Moreover, the Redmi 5 has a screen size of   5.7 inches which makes the Redmi 6 slightly smaller. Likewise to the Redmi 5, Redmi 6 has bezels around the screen which are more visible, thus making it a perfect device to possess. The popularity of the Mi 8 full-screen design is becoming so high. This really a stiff competition between the two companies. Evidently, the technology advances as the users’ needs increase too.


It has a very simple design since it is typically, what we can see. Redmi 6 has a great design at the back, with its sides having rounded transitions which is more like a letter ‘C’. This vividly enhances the grip of the phone. Moreover, the device has a unibody made of aluminium, which makes it similar to Redmi Note 5A Prime. Nevertheless, the aluminium body in Redmi 6 is more polished hence having a classy look. It becomes even more beautiful because of the dual antenna lines.

Its design becomes even more incredible because of the sports dual rear cameras. A feature that Redmi 5 did not have. These cameras are arranged at the top of the phone and besides it a LED flashlight. Redmi 6 has a thickness of 8.3 mm and a weight of 146g. Interestingly, the device was launched in four classy colours: grey, blue, gold and rose Gold.

Did you know that the speaker of this device is just at the back of the fuselage? This is typical, what you can see without being directed. However, if the user wants to play some music, it is good to put the back of Redmi 6 in order for a normal transmission of the sound even with no cover on it.

12MP +5MP Camera

Just like any other classy smartphone, Redmi6 has a dual camera. The device has a dual camera of 12MP + 5MP with a large pixel of 1.25 micrometres. Its front camera is 5MP, which supports all modes namely, AI portrait mode and smart beauty too, yet it does not lose its class.

We all ought to try this camera as it brings out transparent samples, the scenery being so natural with the macro having a very clear background blur.

Not only does the Redmi 6 camera support the 4:3, 16:9 photo frame, it can also support 18:9 frame format. This tells us that the photo can be displayed on a full screen.

Battery Life

XiaomiRedmi 6 has a powering of 3000mAh non-removable Li-Po battery that has a very fast charging technology. It is so fast in charging in such a way that, it only takes 1.9 hours and it is fully charged. Evidently, here is the solution of time-saving whereby you do not have to be bored waiting for a 4 to 6-hour charge.  Redmi 6 saves your time.

12 nm Low-Power Chip

Redmi 6 uses a Media TekHelio P22 processor which is a new one as the device is also the newest in the Redmi series of phones. It was chosen to embrace the Media Tek.

The Media TekHelio P22 is a chip with 8 cores with  four A53 cores being at 2.0GHZ and four A53 cores being at 1.5GHz. in other words, this processor uses a 12nm, which really uses less power than 28nm process CPU

Nevertheless, the Helio P22 has possibilities as it was found out at AnTuTu. As we all know, this chip has a 12nm process with 8 cores ARM Cortex-A53 and a clock speed of 2.0GHz and to the graphics PowerVR GE8320.

As a matter of fact, XiaomiRedmi 6 is the first smartphone with the 12-nanometer chip, that is so important. This will lead to an upgrade of other thousands of chips.

2 storage versions

Redmi 6 is a device that has two storage versions, 3GB +32GB and 4GB +64GB, which is a continuation of the Redmi 5. However, the low-profile version storage has been quietly upgraded to 3GB +32GB. If we use the device as a backup device, then we ought to use the 3GB +32GB version. If you want a slightly higher version of your storage, then you ought to increase Rs.2018 to your budget to buy the 4GB +64GB version.

The hardware level of this device does not allow the high frame rate mode. Hence, playing a game like ‘ The King of Glory’ is only possible at a rate of 30 FPS.

As for the 3GB+32GB version of Redmi 6, it is normal to play “The King of Glory.” In the default mode, the game frame rate is generally stable at about 30 FPS. Due to its hardware level, the high frame rate mode is not recommended.

The AI Blessing MIUI

MIUI is a version of the Redmi series of phones. This version is as stable as it is 9.6 instead of MIUI 10. Redmi 6 has numerous functions, which are all based on the development of the AI, for example, the ‘Xiaomi AI’ Face Unlocking, Smart Mutual Goods, the system tools-scan photo Translation and the AI Pseudo base station SMS recognition function.

The one and the very exciting feature is the AI face unlocking which is very practical and of course, upgraded ‘Xiaomi AI’ which makes it smarter. Therefore, it is recommendable for a good experience. The AI feature has really helped reduce the gap between the Redmi 6 and the other Xiaomi high-end smartphone. This tells us that if we try this incredible smartphone then we are the luckiest.

Redmi 6 Pros

  1. Good pixels density of the display

The Redmi 6 has a display ratio of 18:9, which is a wider field of view, despite the fact the phone is so compact. This makes the pictures on the screen more visible. The resolution of the screen is of a higher definition of 295PPI pixel density.

Moreover it has 16M colours and of course, due to the high density of the pixels, the picture on the display is of high clarity and visually impressive. The multi-touch feature also gives the Redmi 6 an advantage over other smartphones, as it can allow the user to touch it twice at a go, which tells us that it is a multi-touch guru.

  1. 4GB RAM multitasking advantage

Have you thought of how good it feels doing two or more tasks at a go, in one device? Then Redmi 6 is the answer. This is because the device has 4GB RAM which makes it capable of withstanding more than one task at a go. Therefore as a user, you really can enjoy the working since it is not boring as you can do whatever you want with it all at once thus save you time.

  1. The 8-core processor

The processor only works best in The Media TekHelio P22 chip that has 8 cores. The processor has a clock with a speed of 2GHZ. It can clearly tell you how fast this processor works. This is close to being ridiculous. To the users, you can prefer this smartphone to other high-end smartphones because it is so fast and swift.

  1. 3000mAh long lasting battery

When it comes to the feature called the battery, here the users look at its function duration, the duration it takes to acquire a full charge and compatibility. First, the battery is so compatible and non-removable. This tells you how safe the battery is since it will not be exposed to so many damages. The 3000mAh takes 1.9 hours, which is significantly less time than other smartphones take. The usage is also incredible because it can last for over six hours of consecutive usage.

Cons of Redmi 6

  1. Has no gorilla glass protection

Unlike other smartphones, the Redmi 6 display has no gorilla glass protection. This makes it so vulnerable. If by any chance, it accidentally slips and falls, the screen breaks, which renders the phone inaccessible. The gorilla glass protection is a kind of protection that ensures the screen of a smartphone is safe and free from any bad conditions and incidents. Unless one customizes the screen and installs the gorilla grass protection, the Redmi smartphone is rendered so vulnerable.

  1. No fast charging support

Despite the fact that this smartphone has a battery that can charge so fast, it has no support over that. Other high-end smartphones have a convenient charging support since they can charge so fast and still hold the charge. Nevertheless, the Redmi 6 has no support for the fast charging. In this world full of technological competitions, Redmi 6 is not the best phone when it comes to fast charging.

  1. Has a hybrid SIM slot

This is a very big disadvantage to this phone. Since one cannot use both SIM cards and a microSD card at a time. This makes the users pull back in adoring this smartphone since it is expected to be having very good workability.

Customer Review

A customer Rakesh from Delhi names this phone as a multitasking guru. This is because of the 4 GB RAM that the smartphone has. He says that the smartphone’s multitasking capabilities are beyond our imaginations and hence the names of the phone as being affordable and convenient. Moreover, he says that the phone can be compared to a high-end phone since it works to its best just like the other high-end smartphones.

Sharma is also one of the customers enjoying the workability of this smartphone in India. He says that the smartphone is so attractive because of the colour and its ‘C’ shape. He says that this outlook makes it appear more like a high-end phone. It is affordable as he says it is pocket-friendly.

When will XiaomiRedmi 6 launch?

XiaomiRedmi 6 is due for launch in September 2018 as the next generation of the Redmi smartphones. We are expecting the price to be between 9k INR to 12k INR. This smartphone is the most convenient and easily accessible and will compete against the likes of Moto G6 and yet to be launched Moto G6 Plus. As soon as the phone launched we would be ready with XiaomiRedmi 6 Covers and Cases.

Some review videos of Redmi 6:

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