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Consumers unhappy with the price tag on the new K20 can now shift their focus onto the Mi A3. This device is the successor to the previous Mi A1 and the Mi A2 that didn’t come up to the mark in many ways, proving to be pretty standard devices. Out here we’ll see if it’s better than the last two, not so popular predecessors. Design-wise, the phone is similar to the Samsung A70. The body has this glass casing and is a step away from the metal look that the previous phones had. Of course, it’s all Corning Gorilla Glass even on the camera panels and it should hold up against minor damages but we’d recommend on leaving the case on, just in case! The screen has a notch that houses the front shooter, while the top and bottom bezels are pretty thick, and we think that Xiaomi could have made them thinner. The screen still looks great but more on the performance later. The device comes in the Blue and Gray colour profiles and also features IR emitters, secondary microphone and 35 mm headphones jack. Then, there is a USB C port and grill speakers on the bottom. The cameras on the back are supported by a dedicated LED flash placed just under the lens panel. The fingerprint sensor used to be on the back before, but now it’s been upgraded to the in-display variety. you can check your cases from  mobile covers online shopping sites.

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The funny part is the 6.08-inch HD+ AMOLED screen showed some serious pixelation as we scrolled down and that’s owing to the 300 PPI density and 720x1560 pixels. This could turn out to be a problem when viewing a lot of media, content and granted that it is a budget phone; it still could have used some fine-tuning. Adjusting it didn’t make any difference and the brightness/ legibility is sunlight was pretty average.Your beloved phone will be free from scratches and harm if you pick from Xiaomi MIA3 covers online collection.

  • The Mi A3 has the Qualcomm SnapDragon 665
  • 4 GB RAM with 64 GB storage for Rs. 12,999
  • 6 GB RAM with 128 GB storage for Rs. 15,999

The good thing though is the 4030 mAh battery and 18W fast charge. You can get a faster charger but it has to be bought separately. The device has been built in partnership with the Google One program and therefore has a stock Android 9 Pie OS in place of the Mi UI. So you don’t have any of the bloatware, spam notifications that a lot of Xiaomi aficionados have been complaining about.

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The Mi A3 is a good choice for those who want a stock Android, or a phone that will cover the basics, with that they will also get the Digital Well being feature and a series of the big Android OS,for up to two years andsecurity updates,for to three years as well. The Snapdragon 665 SoC is strong enough to run the device and apps without lagging or other issues. One can multitask without needing to close apps, load them just as easily and the fingerprint scanner is both fast and convenient. Quite a number of games though had defaulted to the low graphics mode and this is the only way to play games smoothly. The other issue here is big drop in battery life and mild overheating.You can adjust the graphics later but might come across some lagging. The device lasts a day or so on a full charge with regular usage.All our back cases have precision cut-outs which ensure that you have access to all the ports, buttons and cameras on Xiaomi MIA3 without any hindrance.

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The device picks up in terms of the cameras and the software used for running them resembles what is present on the Mi UI with the nigh, portrait,Pro and panorama modes and the AI, HDR and filter toggles too.Are you looking for a gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, BFF or BAE? A Blackbora's back case would be an amazing gift for them which would definitely bring smile to their face. :) 

  • 48 MP Sony primary camera with IMX586 sensor
  • 8 MP secondarycamera with 118° wide-angle lenses and
  • a 2 MP depth sensor
  • 32 MP front-facingcamera

The 48 MP IMX586 sensors, also found on the Redmi K20 Pro and the OnePlus 7,work with the full resolution sensor but the images that we took were clearer with the 12 MP pixel binned camera. Still, the cameras could focus quickly, set various exposures easily, and most images taken during the day time came out perfectly. The HDR needs some work though, as it picked up the black tones too harshly and this ruined the contrast ratio. The wide-angle shots didn’t have that detail in them that was present in the shots taken with the main sensor. It’s the low light shots that were pretty amazing – something, as you know a lot budget, mid-range, and even premium phones have difficulty with. See, you can never really get a good image in the first go as you need to adjust a lot of settings first. It can focus quickly though but takes a while to actually take the image. Colourful Designer Printed Cases and Covers will definitely add oodles of style to your Xiaomi MIA3. You can buy multiple cases and make your smartphone match your aesthetics on a particular day.

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