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Xiaomi has been one of the cheapest, and the lookout buys for everyone around the country. It is mainly because of the cheap rates that they offer. Their performance and mainly their durability. The Chinese market has expanded with its each of its launch, and the real competition that they are suffering at this price range is their smartphones itself.

XiaomiMi A1 is one of the newest launches of the Xiaomi Company, and they are all set to hit new records with this phone. It is the first smartphone under Xiaomi which will be officially announced in entire Europe, and this itself is a big accomplishment and a reason to look out for the new XiaomiMi A1.

The box of the XiaomiMi A1, however, is not as exciting as the hype for the phone has been made. It contains a plain-looking white colored cardboard box which contains a USB type-C cable and a 5V/2A charger. The charger isn't a turbocharger or a fast charger. There aren't any headphones or earphones as well in the box. The box isn't exactly disappointing, but it isn't something which could be considered as the X-factor for the phone.

Full review tests have been done on XiaomiMi A1 so that it is easier to put the phone on a scale of 0 to 10 and to realize where it exactly lies and if it is even worth the hype it is getting.


The XiaomiMi A1's design is smartly packed to be both elegant and smart. Though the looks are beautiful and a contemporary look can be seen it is only fair to say that the overall looks are similar to that of its previous models like the Mi 5X, Mi Max 2 and a bunch of Redmi Notes.

One good thing that has been taken care in the design is that the plastic strips on the back have finally been removed and now the entire body is made of metal which not only adds to the beauty but also makes the phone look fresh.

The phone is available in various colors like black, gold or rose gold and the phone continues its elegance in each of them.

 The front panel of the screen is mostly covered by the classy 5.5" screen. Along with the class the phone has also maintained and given due importance to the strength of the phone, so the screen comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass protection so that there aren't any scratches or damages to the screen. Above the 5.5"screen you can find the usual arrangement where there aren't any changes as there is a notification LED, sensors and the lens of the front camera. On the bottom of the screen, the white colored LED lit keys can be noticed. There are primarily three keys which are the task switcher, home screen and back option from left to right.

The back panel of the phone is beautifully decorated with a metal matte finish. The antenna strips run along the entire back panel. The back panel also constitutes the fingerprint sensor which conquers the middle of the back pane. It is perfectly shaped in a round shape. Above it towards the left is the new dual camera of the phone. This is one of the features to look out in the new Mi A1, and it is made evident in the design.

The XiaomiMi A1 in looks is a top-notch device. It also has worked on the grip and made sure that the design has the secure grip option. The matte finish adds to the aspects of the phone.

The left side is supported with a hybrid SIM slot which either takes two nano-SIMs, or you can swap one sim card with a microSD card. The right side of the phone marks the volume button and the ever-sensitive power key.

The bottom part of the phone contains the USB type-C port, a mouthpiece, audio jack and a loudspeaker.


XiaomiMi A1 has still carry forwarded their same 12 MP camera which makes the camera not a revolution but what adds to the aspects is the new dual camera feature which is introduced in the camera. There are standard features like HDR, portrait mode, panorama, flash and 2x telephoto which embraces the camera of the Mi A1. The camera also comes with 17 different filters to beautify the pictures.

The XiaomiMi A1 offers some shooting modes like Timer, Straighten, Beautify, Tilt-shift, etc. There is a manual mode in Mi A1 as well which allows you to customize the ISO from the range of 100 to 3200, the exposure time, white balance and even the focus.

The daylight photos are reasonably pleasing as the noise level has been reduced drastically. The pictures are clearer. The zoom effect also doesn't break the pixels of the photos, and there is sharpness in the pictures. The telephoto has a thin lens of f/2.6 and helps in capturing great daylight photos. It isn't preferred for low light images though.

The low light photos on this Mi device, on the other hand, weren't as appreciated as the daylight ones. The photos are at times blurry as there isn't proper detailing and sharpness to the images. The noise level is high, and Xiaomi has an aspect which is needed to be taken care off.

The portrait mode uses the combination of the two cameras on the back to process and blur the background of the image and provide the sharpness to the object in focus. The results have been amazing, and the pictures look pretty fascinating. The only flaw which was found during the use of Portrait mode is that it takes a huge amount of time to focus and capture.

Another great experience in the camera is of the panorama feature. It captures a 180-degree field of view, and the resolution is at a daunting 48MP. The image quality is a beast, and you can cover a dynamic range.

The front part of the camera of the phone is not as powerful as the rear camera but is an appropriate 5MP camera. The photos have a comparatively higher noise rate. The pixels were breaking after one point too. But in contrast, the pictures have high contrast and pleasant colors.

There are namely two choices available in the video recording. One is 2160@30 fps and the other being 1080@30 fps. You can even experience the newest slow-motion feature with a 720@120 fps option.

The 4K videos are fantastic too, and unlike other smartphones, this phone has all the power to support it as well.  The details are sharp, and the range is beautiful. The noise level is reduced to the minimum, and hence the experience is impressive. However, the turning off point is the audio levels of the video recorder. The audio recording is not up to the mark.

Overall the camera of the XiaomiMi A1 is a mixed bag with a lot of new features and filters powering the smartphone, but at the same time, there are some shortcomings which have persisted for a long time and haven't been worked upon. The dual camera, panorama, and the 4k video recordings are the highlight of the camera feature.


The XiaomiMi A1 is powered by the Qualcomm's Snapdragon 625. Though this chipset may not be the newest in town or may not cause to be the X-factor for the performance, the phone tends to work pretty fine. The Mi A1 which comprises of RAM shows no signs of dropping its performance as there are no slowness, stuttering or even hanging on the phone.

 The smartphone has ticked another box which is the multi-tasking ability. The smartphone is powerful enough to carry out several applications at the same time without causing any kind of delay or lag.

An added advantage of the XiaomiMi A1 model holds the 1080p screen. This allows lesser strain on the chipset and the proportional power gets consumed in some other activity. Even after stretching the 1080 x 1920 pixels across 5.5 inches, the images remained sharp. This means it is a double advantage for the Mi A1.

Snapdragon 625 as maybe known by the people who have a keen interest in gadgets is not one of the most potent chips set in the market. But it had performed its work reasonably well for Mi A1, and there wouldn't be any second questions regarding that. The gaming experience is one of the best examples of it that there aren't any glitches while playing games. The games don't stop, and the 3D gaming experience is fantastic as well. There are just minor ignorable glitches which takes place when there is too much trafficking in your game.

If you are an everyday phone user whose basic demands gets fulfilled with the things as basic as web browsing, chatting, using social media and listening to songs then the performance rate would be alluring for you in every aspect.

Despite the huge bezels, Sadly Xiaomi hasn't still chosen to add the Mi A1 with a stereo speaker setup. Audio is a factor in which they are still lacking, and they have yet again comprised it out of a single speaker located at the right-hand edge of the device.

If looked at the positive sides then the speakers are loud and efficient. The call quality has been improved and using an audio jack gives a non-disturbing and noise-free experience. Sadly, NFC doesn't feature in the phone, so it is impossible to use the Mi A1 to make contactless payments.

Battery and charging

The XiaomiMi A1 is backed up by 3080 mAh battery backup which is not at all overpowering for a phone which is glaring at a 5.5-inch massive screen. The battery life is very short lived and another aspect for the Xiaomi to consider. In a video playback test which was conducted in which videos were continuously been played the phone lasted for 11 hours. This number is not very shocking and is considered to be a decent performance.

Similarly, the test performed for web browsing showcased that the battery lasted for 13 hours and 20 minutes when the phone was continuously consuming internet for searching web pages. Another test which was carried out was the Phone call test. On a call duration, the battery lasted for 20 hours and 11 minutes. These three tests are generally carried out to test the average capabilities of the battery to respond under different circumstances. The battery irrespective of the power of 3080 mAh has proved to provide results which are above average if not exceptional.

The charging, however, has a loophole which needs to be fixed which is that in the era where turbocharger, dash charger, and wireless charging is available. Xiaomi is still miles behind in finding a technology which may suit the levels of the other brands too regarding charging. There isn't any fast charging, and the phone takes a lot of time to charge up the phone.

Covers and Cases for MiA1

Xiaomi Mi A1 Covers

All our covers for Mi A1 are impact resistant and they have precision cutouts for access to all of the buttons and ports on the phone.

There is other competition as well like the upcoming Mi A2 which is going to be one tough competitor, but it is essential to consider that there are various reasons for Mi A1 too. The phone now comes with a dual camera feature which captures terrific portrait mode images. The 4K videos are top notch, and the audio system is robust. There are beautiful colors to offer, and the metal texture provides an elegant look which can allure anyone.

In August 2018 Xiaomi launched Mi A2, check out our collection of Xiaomi Mi A2 Covers.
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