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Vivo can be tagged as one of the more innovative companies and was one of the first to give Indian consumers the in-display fingerprint scanner, full-bezel-less display, and the pop-up camera as well. The brand hasn’t stopped there – they’ve now released the Vivo V17 Pro and just when you think you’ve all device innovations, Vivo has added two cameras in the pop-up panel. Apart from the six cameras, the camera app has been given a full makeover with even more features now, that let you get good pictures in all kinds of light conditions – and we’ve reviewed that out here. This is the 4th device launch from Vivo this year; the last one being the Z1 Pro on July 3rd that was labeled as a performance beast. This was followed by the Z1x, S1 and finally the V17 Pro. The company even mentioned that they had six more launches in the pipeline.In this review, we’ll look at all there is to know about the device and if all the new technology is worth the price. The big thing about this is all of the cameras as fitted on the device, especially the front pop up cameras. So, we’ll begin with this feature first. As you already know, there are two lenses here installed on either side of the panel that comes out of the device. One lens is the 32 MP for all the regular photos and the other is the 8MP lens used for the wide-angle images.You can order cases for Vivo V17 Pro from the comfort of your home, while we would make sure to deliver you a beautiful mobile cover super quick.

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Between them is the dedicated flashlight and the earpiece for even better call and audio output. Now, when the panel is closed, the sound remains uninterrupted as the top middle part of the device body has a micro-grille speaker. On the back, you have four more lenses!! These are the 48 MP with an f/1.8 aperture, then with 13 MP, you can make use of the optical zoom features. The 8 MP is mostly for wide-angle images and finally, the 2 MP rear camera is for macro photos – all completed with EIS and 4K recording. The Vivo V17 Pro is the successor to the V15 Pro, all packaged in a classy, neat white box – note that the packaging for India is different from what’s on other markets. Inside, you’ll get the Type C cable, SIM injector, documents, a solid textured case, an 18W charging adapter, 3.5 mm headphones jack, so you can use your regular headphones – nice touch. The Crystal White version has this shimmery, holographic, pearl-like finish. The addition of a quad-camera is new for Vivo devices and it has two big lenses on top, two smaller lenses on the bottom with the flash in between. The best part is the full, notch-less screen, which is just like the V15 with the pop-up camera. The first thing we saw was the Fun Touch OS, which is the custom skin from Vivo. The other new addition is the dedicated Google Assistant – if you long-press it, you launch the GA query box and double pressing it launches Vivo’s own Jovi Assistant. This is an image recognition software; so if you see something online and want to know where to buy it, you double press this and it brings up similar online listings. On this device, you’ve got an all-new AI-backed quad rear camera software with upgraded HDR features. The super AMOLED has a 20:9 aspect ratio and is similar to devices available now like the Oppo Reno 2Z and the Redmi K20 Pro. We take into account form with function, thus each back cover will not only provide you ultimate all around protection to your Vivo V17 Pro but also add boatload of style to your phone. 


Display-6.44-inch (1080x2400) FHD + Super AMOLED

Processor-Qualcomm Snapdragon 6752GHz octa-core

Front Camera-32MP + 8MP

Rear Camera-48MP + 8MP + 13MP + 2MP



Battery Capacity-4100mAh

OS-Android 9 Pie

Vivo V17 Pro is the latest phone in the company's V-series and comes with a dual pop-up selfie camera. The Vivo V17 Pro has an artificial intelligence (AI) backed quad rear camera setup with an upgraded HDR feature. It has a Super AMOLED panel with a 20:9 aspect ratio and competes with the Redmi K20 Pro and Oppo Reno 2Z in this price range. Like the Vivo V17 Pro, the Oppo Reno 2Z and Redmi K20 Pro also come with pop-up selfie camera modules and a gradient back finishes. Vivo V17 Pro is the latest phone in the company's V-series and comes with a dual pop-up selfie camera. The Vivo V17 Pro has an artificial intelligence (AI) backed quad rear camera setup with an upgraded HDR feature.These cases and covers are super easy to install i.e. they are neither too tight nor too loose, which means you do not have to remove it from Vivo V17 Pro to have access to connect charger or headphones or connect to other devices.

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For the images taken, we used the Xiaomi Redmi K20 as the specifications on this device is the closest, we can find. The images taken in daylight, with and without zoom, were identical and sharp, filled with colours. It was tough to tell the images apart. We switched to the 2X optical zoom however the V17 Pro did a better job of capturing stronger detail. In fact, all images taken in the wide-angle had much better details, as opposed to the K2) where the images looked a little stretched. The same goes for the bokeh effect too – where both devices excelled at the perfect edge dimension. The 48 MP lens resolution was tested too and Vivo is more impressive, and here too the detail on the 8X zoom setting was superb. In low light, we noticed the device failing a little bit – both images rendered the same shot in the same way, but the V17 Pro did add excess brightness in certain areas of the shot, making the image look a bit overexposed or patchy and grainy. Selfies were good with most of the colours being close to nature and retained everything even after zooming in. But it also had that issue with light control that we saw earlier with the low light shots but had no problem with edge detection. The K20 struggled with edge detection, but the Xiaomi came forward in low light selfies. The V17 Pro boosted the image automatically with colours that made the finished photo look blurry. This can be fixed by using the flash in low light conditions – and this is when the selfies looked even better than that of K20 and had better colour reproduction too. Particularly impressive is the macro lens that comes very close to what is there on the Honor 20 series, as per performance. It can captures mall objects with a lot of detail and the quality of the images remain the same, even after zooming to the highest level. The device looks a lot like the flagship phones that we have right now. You can get the phone in Glacier Ice, that’s the white one and Midnight Ocean, which is the deep blue-black one. These are some colours being used by a lot of companies these days. The back panel has been protected by Gorilla Glass so you won’t have issues with scratches. But the frame is polycarbonate and on this, you have the Type C charging port, 3.5 mm audio jack and a dedicated Google Assistant button on the mid-left side and you can change the end function of this button as per your liking. There is no LED notification light, but instead, you get the ‘Always On’ screen which we think works better for notifications. Compared with the previous pop-up, this panel appears to be shorter and it might be better as it is durable and sturdy as this time its flatter, longer, and it retracts when it detects freefall. When it does this, you get this on-screen notification informing you that the camera has been retracted, along with this option of starting up the camera again. The weight of the device leans towards the heavier side and many users described how they didn’t like this, as it literally feels like you’re holding a 5000 Mah battery phone. In terms of display, there is a 6.44-inch Full HD+ bright screen that is fully bezel-less and has Super AMOLED technology. But for some reason, Vivo has used a short protection glass on top of it. We still don’t get why there is strong glass on the back, but nothing on the front. The big issue is the addition of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 chipset and at this price! So, we’re not sure how this processor will work out when powering the screen, cameras. We think this could have used the 730 chip-set in order to make it a real value for money buy. But yes, the performance on this chipset isn’t bad – it can support PUBG level games, doesn’t have any heating issues and delivers on fluid daily multitasking – and all of this is because you have the 8GB RAM coupled with 128 Gb storage. The 675 chipset is understandable in device sold in the 12K-13K price segment, but in a device that you’re paying 30,000 for – we’re not sure about that. We think that this makes the device a very good choice for daily use that doesn’t involve loads of multimedia and gaming. And is that’s the case, then why have all of those awesome cameras. Performance-wise, the phone loses out on scores, but in terms of battery, it is pretty good as you get a 4100 MaH battery. You think that this feature is pretty standard, but on this device, it appears to be a very good match and HD video playback is better and it lasts almost a full day even with heavy usage and recharges using the 18W fast charging. The OS is the latest – that’s the Android Pie and customized with the Fun Touch OS skin and nothing new. For security, you have the fingerprint sensor that’s in the screen itself and has been improved from the recent iterations of this feature added on earlier Vivo devices and is really fast. What is lacking is the face unlock. But here, if the fingerprint unlock reaches its three-error limit, the pop-up camera is activated and then reads your face to unlock the device. So, we guess this is a modified version of the face unlock.

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In India, the V17 Pro has been priced at Rs. 28490 on PayTm and Rs. 29990 on Amazon. You can choose from any of the 128GB storage variant and a special light blue colour. The price is a little too high, but the looks, screen, design, and cameras are exceptional. Then you have eh dual-camera pop-up panel that and cameras software that does capture some good shots. The big letdown, in our opinion, is the processor. This makes the K20 tough competition as you get stronger features for the same price and much stronger processor. And this what might not work out for the V17 Pro and Vivo really could have added a 7-series chip We like the addition of the dedicated Google Assistant/Jovi button and the use of a wide-angle lens on the front for bigger selfies with more people. So, for your average regular use, it is a good choice for helping you through all forms of multitasking, and its switched between apps fluidly. But where gaming is concerned not so much, and you may have to run lots of popular games in the low graphics settings. The Super AMOLED screen is one reason to get this phone as it offers a really immersive viewing experience, in every sense of the word. Media, especially HD content is wonderful, has a lot of good colours and supports WideVine L1 certification. And you can stream as much media as you like, take as many photos and still have enough power to use the phone throughout the day as the device backs a 4,100 mAh battery that does have fast charging. Definitely a must-have for photography enthusiasts That being said, the price could have been lower, it could have been launched as a series of phones that included some budget options.We have over 300 designer back cases and covers for Vivo V17 Pro, designed with love by designers from all around the world.

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