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Your new Samsung J2 will definitely require a protective phone cover, because day to day usage takes a toll on phone and you never know when this sleek device can drop from your hand.  We have a wholesome collection of phone covers catering to various tastes. You can click on tags on the J2 2018 covers page such as Quotes phone covers, cute phone cover etc.

Samsung has been one of the most profound Korean company offering user-specific models for over a decade now. They have not only been value for money but have always attracted the attention of people with their newest technology always.

Samsung has recently launched its newest J2 2018, in January of this year and it is all set to be another of Samsung’s asset and a hit. With a price at an affordable range, the Samsung J2 would be on the wish list of most of the young candidates. The Samsung smartphone not only excels in looks but captures a performance which is daunting and high class.

The packaging box of the Samsung J2 has clearly shown that irrespective of the cost demanded by the phone it will still be at its full quality. Inside the Samsung J2 box you can find a fast charging plug, a USB Type-C cable and earphones as well.

A lot of tests and reviews have been carried out on the Samsung J2 which is vital for the users who are today in a loop to find the right phone and the design, performance, battery and charging specifications are made which may make it easier for the users to choose as to if this is the right phone for them or not.


The Samsung J2 is of the design of any other Samsung mobile phone you could imagine of. The difference they have made is that the body now is made of plastic rather than a metallic finish, which on a debatable side makes the body look better. It also makes the smartphone even more comfortable in hands and the grip provided is easier.

 Both front and rear part of the panel is protected by corning gorilla glass protection which indicates the investment put by Samsung in their phones for protection of the screen. The body of the smartphone is covered by an aluminum frame as well.

The dimensions of the phone are 143.8 x 72.3 x 8.4 mm which makes it not a very large phone and it even weighs just 153 g. This makes Samsung J2 not a bulky and large phone to carry.

At the back of the phone, there is a dual camera which is aligned vertically in a position to capture most of the back panel. This camera is powered at 8 MP. The back panel is covered with a firm layer of polycarbonate. The right side panel consists of the sensitive volume, and power buttons and left-hand part consists of the hybrid sim slot which perfectly aligns with the body of the Samsung J2.

The front panel of the phone consists of a super AMOLED capacitive, 5 inch screen and this is the best part of the phone. With offering 16 M color contrast options, the screen of the phone offers a brilliant conscious ratio. There is a quarter HD display which is a shortcoming of the phone, but mostly the experience on display is wonderful. The resolution offered by the phone is a smart 540 x 960 pixels with offering multi-touch as well.

On the bottom of the lit AMOLED, 5” screen is the fingerprint sensor. The sensor is sensitive, and the scanner can be used for multi-purpose and is located at the bang bottom middle of the front panel of the phone. On the left side of the fingerprint scanner is the task manager button and on the right side is the back button.

On the top of the 5” screen of the Samsun J2, you could locate the 5 MP Selfie camera, the LED light, and the sensor. The positioning is done smartly, and technically the phone looks pretty sound. On the bottom side of the Samsung J2 is the charging port, the 3.5 mm jack, and the speaker system as well.

There are various colors from which you can choose from for the Samsung J2. All the colors are as follows: Midnight Black, Coral Blue, Gold and Pink and to pick one as a favorite is a tough job.


The Samsung J2 at its price rate is one of the best camera providers, and the sharpness and clarity of pictures are very high.

The Samsung J2 packs a single-camera setup powering an 8MP sensor with an aperture of f/2.2. There is an LED support for pictures to be taken in low light areas to light them up and give better results.

The photos taken in daylight don’t look as if they are taken by an 8 MP camera, and it would be deluding to reject the camera features just by looking at the MP the camera has to offer. As the camera captures sharp and detailed pictures in daylight region just like a phone of 12-13 MP camera would. As the aperture of the camera is limited to f/2.2, the photos and clicks beyond a range of 1.5 m aren’t very clear and sharp.

The back camera supports Panorama, HDR, pro mode, video recording, continuous shots, night capture, and beautification. You can even access the floating camera button in the phone and enjoy the shots taken. The phone doesn’t include the social camera mode in it.

The low light features are the disappointing part of the phones. The pictures are noisy and blurry, and unlike the daylight photos, the replica of results wasn’t obtained. Here the argument of 8 MP camera comes into play, and it is a pretty ugly experience of seeing the dim light or low light photos of the Samsung J2.

Capturing panoramas are one of the first things everyone looks into the camera. The J2 captures excellent looking sharp and detailed panoramas. The range of the panorama is exceptional as well.

The essential feature in the camera after pictures is the video recording mode. The video recording mode is another added benefit in the Samsung J2 as for both rear and front camera the video recording provides an option of full HD recording. The recording is sharp and clear. The audio is smooth and noise free. The aperture can capture the video smoothly, and the zoom looks good as well. To capture a video in Samsung J2 for a desirable limited range the results are phenomenal.

The front camera is a not so fantastic 5 MP sensor camera having an aperture same as that of the rear camera. Even though the camera is just a mere 5 MP sensor it still provides great results and the selfie camera is bound to be rated above average in its performance. The pictures were well lit due to the LED, and the pictures were sharp and noise free as well. The selfie camera operates on a lot of modes such as variable focus, Auto HDR, etc.


Regarding performance, it can be easily detected and concluded that the Samsung J2 is one of the fastest phones with a strong CPU and GPU system.

The smartphone works on the operating system of Android 7.1 Nougat which is all set to be updated to the latest Android 8.1 Oreo soon. The CPU is Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53, and the GPU is Adreno 308. The smartphone is even powered by a chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 and is thus a high-performance smartphone.

The phone has conquered the performance domain regarding the opening of apps, multi-tasking and the opening of games. The games run perfectly and have similar kind of graphic strength as it was there in the previous models. One of the complaints though is the sharpness of the games tends to be lost out, but with the AMOLED screen, this complaint is also deluded.

Samsung J2 has brought with it the new ‘Device Maintenance’ feature with automatic memory management which allows a user to free up your this J2 device memory with a single touch itself. This helps in maintaining the memory and storage levels of the phone, and the performance doesn’t get effected.

The phone encompasses 2 GB Ram support which is effectively less but can’t be taken as a negative aspect of the smartphone.

The multi-tasking ability is smooth and can be carried out easily, and it is even the unique selling point under the section of the performance arena of the phone. The phone doesn’t lag at all while running multiple apps.

Battery and charging

Battery strength is one area where Samsung needs to work for a long time. With a minimal of 2600 mAh battery, the phone is not the best-considered battery backup smartphone. Also with the inclusion of snapdragon 425 and the AMOLED screen the battery eating capacity increases two folds. In such a case the battery back of Samsung J2 doesn’t do proper justice.

The battery tends to not even last a day if you are a regular user of the phone. A test was conducted for 3G talking on the cell phone. The phone lasted for around 18 hours. With the better Auto HDR and slow-motion video recording, the phone is guaranteed to not even last this long.

Using advanced battery saver mode is one of the most common ways of ensuring that your phone doesn't get discharged soon. It limits your mobile usage but helps in saving the battery.

 The Samsung J2 can be charged via the USB – C port. The fast charger is available, and the charging can be done quickly, but still, it is in no competition to its rivals where turbo and dash charging have conquered the charging arena. The box doesn’t equip with the wireless port for charging. Hence the discussion of charging is limited to just wire chargers which are available in the phone set. The phone doesn’t heat up easily while charging as well.

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It is known that in the world of high demands of the phone the selection of one is getting tougher day by day. Today the world works on comparative terms and even if the mobile phone is 9/10 people still search for a better one.

No doubt that with a high powering Snapdragon 425, the phone is not only powerful but a multi-tasking ability phone as well. The design is beautiful, and the video recording strength is impressive, but it is important to note the rivals and comparisons the phone might have to seek to surpass and become the best phone at this price range.

Some of the heavy competition that Samsung J2 is facing is:

  1. Redmi 5A: It is eveything J2 2018 wants to be. Best in class smartphone with great battery and performance for sure.
  2. Honor Holly 4: Worthy enough with 3GB/32GB combination, it is also agreat choice.
  3. Samsung Galaxy J1: A phone with a better battery back up and support of different data like LTE, this predecessor is another competition in the market for J2. Though there are various features in which J2 surpass over J1, the price factor plays a major role.
  4. LG Optimus F6: with a high battery and strong performance model the LG phone is another market rival for the Samsung J2. The advantage that Samsung holds is its reputed name over the rivals in the field of smartphones.
  5. Micromax Bolt D200: With a low price offering for almost a similar featured phone. People may end up going for the Micromax product rather than the Samsung one. Comparing both it could be easily deduced why the former one has its price at such a low cost.

There are various other rivals for Samsung J2 in the market as well. But since the launch of J2 in January 2018 it hasn’t had a lot of difficulty in its sale and marketing. The phone is still expected to flourish and reach every household, and the X-factor of the phone is its cost offering. The phone is available and buyable by all, and if you are looking for a low budget yet powerful phone, this may end up being your perfect buy. It is just better to keep some cautions in mind like the camera strength isn’t wonderful, the battery backup isn’t top notch, and the display size isn’t that big. Apart from that, the phone is safe to hold and with aluminum covering it provides some majestic displays as well.

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