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What’s nice about the RealMe XT is the that its the company’s first 64 MP camera phone. The other big highlight is the quad-camera setup and the VOOC 3.0 charging support. After the success of the RealMe 5 devices, the RealMe XT is set to take the stage and here’s what we know about it.You can order cases for RealMe XT from the comfort of your home, while we would make sure to deliver you a beautiful cover super quick.

Things to know

  • The RealMe XT will come the with a 64 MP primary sensor
  • It has a 4000 mAh battery
  • It will be powered by the SnapDragon 712

The media first got word of the RealMe XT when the device was unofficially mentioned during the launch of the RealMe 5, but now we can finally expect to see it launched on September 13th – this is global launch and will first enter the Chinese market, and we should see it hopefully in October. We got some glimpses of the RealMe XT main USP which is the quad-cam via a tweet posted on Twitter hinting at how crisp, focused the camera capabilities are, and that there are four of them. Our initial impression of the camera is the that it is pretty good.The exact price still isn’t confirmed but it does take on the RealMe 5 Pro with the exception of the 64 MP sensor – so our guess it that might not cross the Rs. 20,000 bracket. We would say that this is a mix of the RealMe X and the RealMe 5 Pro, save for that 64 MP camera but more on the side of the RealMe 5 with a few exceptions of the pearly finish and the camera panel has been moved to side from the centre. The device is smaller, thinner and lighter at just 183 grams. Obviously, there are changed from one device to the next, but what RealMe has done is that they haven’t just swapped out cameras but changed the layout as well. All our back cases have precision cut-outs which ensure that you have access to all the ports, buttons and cameras on RealMe XT without any hindrance.

Quick Specifications

  • SnapDragon 712 SoC(Octa-Core 10nm processor)
  • 4 inch S AMOLED Full HD+ (Notch Screen)
  • 4/6/8 GB RAM configurations
  • 64/128 GB Internal Storage
  • Dual Nano SIM + Micro SD Slot
  • Quad Rear Camera -64 MP (f1.8) + 8MP (Wide Angle) + 2MP (Depth) + 2MP (Macro)
  • Front Camera 16 MP
  • 4000 mAh battery (VOOC 3.0 charger supplied)
  • Android Pie with in display fingerprint scanner

The RealMe XT has a 6.4 inch screen that is Full HD+ Super AMOLED with the water drop notch and that the handset will be covered entirely with Corning Gorilla Glass sandwiched by a metal frame, but in our opinion it is polycarbonate on the exterior instead.The in-display sensor should the faster, more accurate as well will significant software improvements too. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 SoC an will come in three variants – the 4GB RAM with 64 GB storage, the 6GB RAM with64 GB storage and the 8 GB RAM with 128 GB storage. Other design specifications include the headphone jack, 4000 mAh battery, USB type C port with 20W VOOC 3.0 fast charge. As for the SIM card configurations, you have three slots for two SIMs and a storage SD card – something the XT has over the X. The primary sensor is the 64 MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor – this looks familiar because its also been added to the RealMe Note 8 Pro. We’re not sure how this will fare out for the company as both devices will be on sale at the same time, the Note 8 Pro will launch just before the RealMe XT  and will be direct competition for each other. A RealMe XT ‘Pro’ version is expected soon and will have the SnapDragon430 G SoC. The RealMe XT will run on a 4000 mAhbattery and the Android 9.0 right out of the box with Colour OS 6.0 and will ship out in the blue and white colour options.

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Blackbora has best back covers for RealMe XT such that they are a fine balance between style, protection, thickness and impact resistance. The India Today page managed to get some shots of the Pearl White version of the RMXT. As per those images, the phone looks a lot like the Samsung A 70 and has a soft holographic finish on the glass back panel. The quad-camera panel sits neatly on the top right hand side with the LED Flash just next to it instead  of underneath it and the RealMe branding just on the bottom right hand side. The smaller overall footprint combined with the screen makes the XT much smaller than the RealMe X, and therefore easier to use with one hand. Add the curved back to that, a certain amount of heft give it that very premium feel. They’ve changed the back from plastic to glass and it still feels 0 slippery, probably why they added a free case with the box, and the fingerprint smudging is pretty much there. This, and the blue variants have that standard gradient finish but on the blue one, the texture sits on the bottom of the phone in this duo blue-purple tone. Storage shouldn’t be an issue because you get the storage card slot to expand it, even on the 128 GB variant. The RealMe XT has a 16 MP front facing camera – the quad cameras on the rear has a 64 MP camera, the 8 MP wide angle, the 2 MP macro lens, and the 2 MP depth sensor. The main sensor has an aperture of F/1.8 and electronic stabilisation. It can shoot 4K video, and have support for EIS. There is this link given on FlipKart that took us to a page highlighting the phone. One of these highlights is the unbeatable detailing on the 64 MP sensor – that has 13% more pixels than the 48 MP sensor – obviously. The layout is more or less the same, with the 1X and 2X Digital Zoom,there was also this 5 X setting as well. To go to the Wide Angle, you need to change to this mode on the left hand side, the beauty mode works with the 16 MP front facing camera. Pictures taken with the rear camera came out really good, but these were taken in broad daylight but we noticed that the saturation level was very high – again, this could be a per case scenario. Close up macro shots were just as awesome – even at all three zoom levels– same goes for the regular and wide angle modes. So our guess, it that GW1 sensor works wonderfully in sunlight and the default resolution has been set at 16 MP, with good dynamics. Shots taken indoors were amazing under artificial lightning was pretty good, the performance of front facing cameras was up to our expectations especially the portrait mode. We compared shots taken from the RealMe X and the XT – there wasn’t much difference – remember that the XT shoots 16 MP by default and the X shoots 12 MP by default. Sure, you can even zoom in to fine amount of detailing give or take minute differences, mild hue changes but overall very similar. Next we did the same thing with both devices’ main rear sensor –  and the differences here too, were pretty hard to spot. Just like with all RealMe phones, the camera layout includes the Chroma Boost features and a dedicated night mode as well.

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On the XT, the night mode took some very good photos and our test shots were brighter, there is far more detail and better colours. Interestingly, the nigh mode can be used in the ultra wide camera. Speaking of wide angle, shots taken using this lens did not have details that were all that good, they were still pretty decent and the colours were punchy and overall we liked the final results. The 2 MP macro lens from the RealMe 5 Pro is on the XT too, you can use it capture images with high zoom and it makes for a fresh, fun perspectives – but this all depends on whether you prefer macro over the telephoto – or not – this depends on you. The final camera is the 2 MP depth sensor and as you know, that’s used for shooting portrait – and that’s exactly what we did. The shots turned out quite well and HD was on point, dynamic ranges were good and the skin tones are natural. Our only concern is that with the skin tones effect, it did feel a little smoothened out and when it comes to the selfies, we had no complaints. The IMX471 did a fantastic job that produced good colours and details, these were evident even on zooming in on the face. When it comes to selfie portraits, the HD deduction was okay but the background appeared to the blown out. And finally, we come to the videos, we could shoot in 4k 30 FPS but there is no stabiliser in this resolution. For that, you have to move up to the 1080P 60 FPS and the selfie videos do get EIS. Currently running the latest Colour OS 6, the RealMe XT does have junk apps installed that you can remove if you don’t need them. You do have this app try with the new icon layout which is an upgrade from the earlier square ones and resembles the kind you have on the Android 9. The in display scanner was really quick, based on our tests on the review model and what we saw online. It also has the option of Face Unlock as well, but this you need to have to set up when first boot the device, we skipped this one as we didn’t have a spare SIM – so would like to hear your thoughts on it too. Media played on the RealMe X were punchy and this one’s quite bright too and since this is the S AMOLED, the black tones are super deep and the contrasts are excellent. This isn’t a full screen as there is the notch and some people might be disappointed by this especially those who do own a pop-up camera. The SnapDragon 712 SoC is running the show here and based on track records, this is a very god chip and should give no problems at all with daily use. We seen this on the likes of Vivo Z1 Pro, and recently the RealMe 5 Pro, and on these devices it was great at handling day to day tasks. Even here with the XT, its felt quite snappy and quick and when it came to launching apps, the user interface felt responsive. We have over 300 designer back cases and covers for RealMe XT, designed with love by designers from all around the world.

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On the gaming side, we have the Adreno 6.6 GPU that appeared to handle PUBG pretty well, and our initial impressions in this department is that everything looks good on the performance front. The 4000 mAh unit that has been paired with Colour OS 6 and a 10 nm processor, leave us hopeful of good battery back up – and you have the VOOC 3.0 charger for quick charging. To sum things up, the RealMe XT seems like an interesting phone. The Snapdragon 712, the 64MP primary, the quad cameras, the 3.0, Micro SD – all this seems great but is this going to be a phone that you can buy or rather should buy. This all comes down to that mysterious price tag that will either entice or case way buyers. If it is too high, buyers will go with other devices but if its too low, they might have second thoughts on the quality, performance and most people know what to expect with various price brackets. Based on what we know it might be higher as they real really drawing all of the attention to the 64MP front shooter and will sell the phone along these lines. We also know that a Pro version will come out soon and this will probably have the bigger price tag – so its is possible that the new XT won’t cost you all that much. At the same time, they are launching other devices as well that will be cheaper, so in case the XT or the XT Pro doesn’t suit you – you could choose these – so ultimately it looks like there’s something for everyone  with the XT being the icing on the cake.A motivational quote or a funny quote can make your phone personalized to reflect your own personality while making a style statement.

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