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Supreme Pop Socket Holder Online In India

SmartPhone Grip Stands for your iPhone and Android Phones

Pop Holders or PopSockets designed for Smartphone solves three main issues. Sticking a Pop Holder on your phone allows you to have a better grip, and holding the phone with the pop holder is easier than before. Now, you can take selfies easily without worrying about dropping your Smartphone. It also can be used as a kickstand for your device, which allows the mobile phone to stand upright. PopSockets are very helpful because it makes it easy to hold your phone upright and allows you to play games, read e-books, watch content, and more.  Also, many individuals use Pop Holders for covering around their headset.

A PopSocket or a Pop Holder looks just like a doorknob that sticks nicely to the back of your Smartphone.  This new grip Pop Holder has become very popular instantly among celebrities, and many celebrities are using it, including Jared Leto, Gigi Hadid, Nicole Williams, Serena William, Michael Phelps, and more.

Features of Smartphone Grip Stands

The best feature of the PopSockets is that it allows you to personalize the designs. For instance, you can find different PopSocket designs inspired by marble, aluminum, spirit animals, Swarovski crystals, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Justice League, Transformers, Greek life, Marvel, and more. Also, you can create your own PopSocket design for your Smartphone; the company gives you the opportunity to create your own design on their website.

Currently, you can also find car vent pop holders mount product, so now, you can put it on the vent of your car and enjoy your driving and also you can drive safely. While driving, you can use GPS app on your Smartphone to find if there are any traffic jams on your way to work. By sticking the PopSocket on your mobile device and mounting it in the car vent, your phone will stick to the vent and you don’t need to worry about it sliding everywhere while driving and while using GPS app. The mount PopSockethas made the driving easy and safe for the commuters.

APopSocket grip holder is a very useful and stylish accessory for your Smartphone that allows you to use your phone more safely.  With this grip pop holder, you can take a picture easily, watch videos on the go, or you can text even with one hand as it gives you a better grip.

Cheap PopSockets that will not create a hole in your pocket

The best thing about these Pop Holders is that you can use them on other devices like e-reader and tablet for more comfort.  Also with the other related grip products, you can stick your phone to on any vertical surface, including mirrors, dashboards, refrigerators, walls, and bed posts for suitable and easy viewing without holding it in your hands.

You can easily reposition the Mount Grip Stand and it sticks to most of the cases and devices. But, avoid mounting it on waterproof or silicone cases. The diameter of PopSockets grips is around 1.56inch, and if it falls down, the grip stands 0.25inch tall, and when extended, the grip stands 0.9inch tall.

The best PopSocket allows you to hold the phone securely and at the same time you can relax your hand and you don’t need to worry about dropping your phone ever again. Now, with this PopSockets, you can pop, wrap, tilt, grip, collapse, recur and it improves your grip and effectiveness of your phone. It gives a secure grip while calling, texting, taking selfies, and photos, and it is well-suited for all devices, including Tablets and Smartphones.

You can also use them on portrait and landscape modes for web surfing, watching videos, group photos, gaming, Skype, and FaceTime.

PopSockets' grip for Smartphones allows you to mount your Smartphone to mirror, dashboard, bedpost, refrigerator, locker, or wall.  The PopSocket snaps easily into your pop clip and allows hands-free viewing. The pop holder securely attaches to surfaces with one-time use 3M VHB paste and you can remove it without leaving any remains using dental floss or fishing line.

The best pop holder allows you to view your mobile securely by holding the mount set back of the mobile.  It allows you to mount your mobile to a wall safely while charging your phone, and also you can view maps, etc effortlessly. 

PopSocketsGrip: It is an extended bit of magic and it can be attached to the back of any mobile device to alter its capabilities. Pop Holders are very helpful whenever you want a grip, an earbud-management system, a stand, or just to have fun with it.  These holders not only make amazing phone stands and phone grips but also allow you to mount them on e-readers and tablets.

Aquamarine Rock Texture Pop Holder

  • Cracked Marble PopSocket is just the perfect Stand and Grip for Tablets and Phones.
  • This stylish PopSocket accessory is created with a rock texture that mounts perfectly on any mobile devices and it can make a stylish gift for your Smartphone.
  • It provides a secure hold and allows you to text, call, and take selfies, etc easily.
  • Superior gum allows you to take out and change the position easily on most mobile devices and cases.

Funny Puns PopSockets

  • Funny a salt and battery cartoon doodle humor pop holder grip can make a perfect gift for your best friend. For pun lovers, there are more verities, including Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, MMA and more.
  • The Collapsible grip of PopSocket provides a safe grip.
  • It comes with an expandable stand that allows you to watch videos, do Facetime, and take group photos, Skype without holding your phone.

Panda PopSockets

  • Panda PopSockets is ideal for enhancing the capabilities and grip of your phone.
  • With this Panda Pop Holder, now, it is easy to pop, wrap, collapse, prop, grip, everything gets easy.
  • It provides a secure grip for calling, texting, selfies, and photos and you can mount on all Smartphones and Tablets.
  • It allows you to work in portrait and landscape modes, web surfing, watching videos, gaming, texting, FaceTime, etc completely hands-free.

Get these PopSockets today and enjoy your hands-free mobile capabilities without worrying about anything. Also, get the car vent pop holders to enjoy your driving while looking at GPS hands-free. Many individuals are admiring this product as it makes their driving safe and keeps their phone secure.

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