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The long wait is finally over. OnePlus has launched the much awaited OnePlus 7. Considered as the Best Android Phone Value of 2019, we’re going to take a better look at it and see how it fares against some other flagship phones, including the OnePlus 6T.  The Chinese phone maker that brought us the device, OnePlus, put all their technological best in this flagship device. And it makes sense too, as phones today seem to have it all when it comes to cool features – in screen fingerprint ID, pop up cameras, multi-rear cameras and more.Order OnePlus 7 Back Covers Online and avail the superb discounts Blackbora has to offer.To keep up with this, OnePlus needed something extra, and that’s the price bracket – while keeping all of the good features. Since 2014, we’ve seen the OnePlus phone evolve and now in 2019, OnePlus still managed to bring the best value in spite of being the company’s priciest phone yet.

Device Storage RAM Price
OnePlus 7 Pro 128 GB 6 GB Rs. 48,999
OnePlus 7 Pro 256 GB 8 GB Rs. 52,999
OnePlus 7 Pro 256 GB 12 GB Rs. 57,999

Shown here are the price brackets for the OnePlus 7 Pro. The 6 GB variant is available in Mirror Grey, the 8 GB in Mirror Grey, Almond and Nebula Blue, and finally the 12 GB variant only in Nebula Blue. Such price tags don’t exactly say ‘ best buy value’. All our mobile cases have precision cut-outs which ensure that you have access to all the ports, buttons and cameras on OnePlus 7 without any hindrance. So, OnePlus also launched the budget range of devices as well, in Mirror Grey and Mirror Grey-Red.

Device Storage RAM Price
OnePlus 7 6 GB 128 GB Rs. 32,999
OnePlus 7 8 GB 256 GB Rs. 37,999

Pricewise, that’s still a whole lot less than the iPhone XR and the Galaxy S10 E. So, it’s still the affordable flagship and there’s no denying that OnePlus makes powerful handset for a reasonable price. Specifications on the OnePlus 7 As for the OnePlus 7 Pro, you get a sharp display, fast processors and wonderful triple rear cameras.Now, for those of you who don’t find the price tags of the Pro version appealing can take a look at its younger sibling – the OnePlus 7. Easily over shadowed by its bigger brother, but most likely to become the next best popular handset in India given its superb price to performance ratio. There’s no problem with it being underpowered, asits even got the best of the OnePlus 7 Pro beginning with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, Dolby Atmos speakers, UFS 3.0, RAM boost, screen unlock boost and the UltraShot engine. Speed is one more benefit here as the small screen has fewer pixels and it might even be faster than the 7 Pro.

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Cameras have been improved to a 48 MP primary camera, so the smaller variant does have that tear drop notch. In terms of looks, its very close to the OnePlus 6T and yes, even the 7 Pro. In fact, that’s the only way to tell them apart – and of course, the screen size. The other difference is that the Red and Mirror Grey back panels are glossy – possible only because the OnePlus 7 is smaller and easier to handle. Users interested only in phones for the performance can add this one to their wish list. Specifications on the OnePlus 7 Pro. Coming back to the bigger behemoth, the first plus point is the 6.67 inch display. While other phones have a 60 Hz screen, the OnePlus 7 takes things up a notch by with a 90 Hz 3120 X 1440 pixel resolution. So graphics- heavy games, browsing, apps, scrolling are super fluid. Looks wise, the screen really look great with a seamless finish. This is because OnePlus has placed the front camera on the top edge of the phone. The bezels on the left and right flow over neatly onto the edges as we’ve seen on Samsung’s earlier devices. The front camera pops up, so all you’re left with is an entire screen without the notch! Nice! The fingerprint scanner was faster than what we saw on the OnePlus 6T, but you can also choose from the PIN and face unlock. The speakers are better this time and added more range, depth the audio files that we tried out.One thing that we did notice is that the device was a little on the heavier side and bigger too. So it might be a bit cumbersome to take a photo or reach the other edge of the screen. Again, some people prefer to over look this because of the performance – so we’ll leave this one up to you. The 7 Pro has a design worthy of the premium tag, but the basic design looks like its been inspired by the Samsung Galaxy devices.Find various themes of Cases for OnePlus 7 as per your taste and add style to your phone. That is, the front display and back panel curve outwards onto the metal border.Next, the back panel has this iridescent, matte colour palette.

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The cameras here aren’t just for show and add that extra bang for your buck. On the rear, you have the telephoto, standard and wide angle cameras. All images taken were clear, had exceptionally vibrant colour reproduction and with impressive HDR rendering. What was really good though was how the device brightened the foreground of some of the images that had been captured in low light conditions. The results were even better than what the Pixel 3 had produced. The 3X telephoto zoom feature managed to deliver good stability and clarity across all images taken, even those captured using the 10X zoom standards.With the wide angle, we could add more visual space on the screen and photo, but these images were slightly blurry around the edges. The front camera pops up – a la Vivo 15 Pro, and is fitted on the top edge. The system appears to be pretty smooth, and sports some decent construction. One more interesting this is that this front shooter has what you call an ‘an automatic free fall detection’ so when you drop the phone, the camera slides back in. Frills aside, this is what matters. The OnePlus 7 is reliable and fast thanks to the Snapdragon 855 Chipset. We didn’t see any lagging or issues when using apps, unlocking the device, navigating screens, daily tasks etc. To support a larger display with a high refresh rate, the battery had to be amped up to 4000 mAh.Sure, it can last a full day but it didn’t outlast the OnePlus 6 T’s battery life. That’s nothing to worry about though, because the next best feature is how quickly the OnePlus 7 charges. The device comes with a ‘Warp Charge’ – previously seen on the OnePlus 6 T McLaren edition. It took us around an hour and fifteen to twenty minutes to charge the phone fully. It would be unfair to pit this phone against other top brands....and vice versa!  We have mentioned a few good devices earlier, so we’ll leave it at this. The iPhone XR: This premium device runs on the iOS. Its got a faster processor, is water resistant and can be charged wirelessly too. These cases and covers are super easy to install i.e. they are neither too tight nor too loose, which means you do not have to remove it from OnePlus 7 to have access to connect charger or headphones or connect to other devices.What it doesn’t have is an expandable storage and this is where the OnePlus 7 wins.The Pixel 3:When it comes to the cameras, it was a photo finish! The OnePlus 7 matched the Pixel 3 in several aspects. The Pixel 3 did lack expandable storage, the battery power when set next to the OnePlus 7 Pro. The Galaxy S 10 E:This handset is water resistant, has a head phone jack,expandable storage and charges wirelessly. Its even got the processor and wide angle camera to match the OnePlus 7 Pro. What its missing is a sharper, larger display at this price point. The OnePlus 6T: No comparison of the OnePlus 7 Pro would be complete with a look back at the predecessor. What stands out in the new variant is the display, faster processor and a third camera.

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The new offering from OnePlus shows that devices with good specs don’t have to cost you the sky! Until recently, if you needed a phone with a great display, quality build, unmatched performance, you had to choose between Samsung or Apple! The downside is the cost of these devices. OnePlus 7 series is just as good, and might even be at par with the iPhone XS Max, the S10, but is a fraction of price. Pros: Beautiful Screen, good android specs, longer battery life Cons:Cameras are mid quality, heavy build, no wireless charging, no IP rating The main attraction is the screen, that comes close to what the Galaxy Note 9 has, only slightly heavier and bigger at 6.5 inches. A smart move is the pop up camera and thin bezels – so you have more screen space. And its not just the size of the screen or how immersive it is, as we’ve seen a lot of those lately – but that its got all the basics right. This includes an OLED with high resolution, vibrant colours and brightness with calibration/ colour profile customisations. The OnePlus 7 cases will also protect the phone from scratches and dents while not sacrificing on the user experience of the phone by adding unnecessary bulk. On the downside is the headphone jack. We could have used one here because its not always possible to connect to Bluetooth speakers. The other is the lack of the USB C charging adapter. The 7 Pro could really have used wireless charging but OnePlus insists that their custom adapter will charge the device faster and cool it down as well. So you must be thinking – ‘where’s the value in the new flagship from OnePlus?’ For now, you may not be able to get your hand on the OnePlus 7 just yet. Again, this has to do with the distribution OnePlus has. The OnePlus 7 Pro series is their most expensive phone they’ve ever made and, so far, our favourite phone of the year. And its only because of these three things that help make the phone stand out from the crowd – display, speed and price. If you look at it this way, these are the three things that users require the most in a phone. The build is pretty premium too with glass and metal. Another design point is that its matte and that’s a good thing because it would be slippery had it been glossy.We’ve got to talk about battery life. As it turns out, you can’t have a super-sized, bright, high resolution, 9p Hz OLED and lasting battery life at the same time. On the specs list, we see that the device has a 4000 mAh battery, but it becomes obvious after a while that the 90 Hz refresh rate hits the battery pretty hard. With normal use, we averaged to about 4-4 1/2 hours maximum. When you put this against P30 Pro, that’s not so great. But there are a couple of things to know.

  • You can adjust the screen to 60 Hz and this improves the battery life a lot.
  • Unlike the iPad Pro, there isn’t any variable refresh rate. So once its at 90 Hz, it stays that way whether you switch apps, go to the home screen etc.
  • The device does have dynamic resolution. So the screen scales down to the respective resolution of the content, media being played and this helps a bit.

Cameras have always been a let down on the previous OnePlus devices. The company has switch over to a new camera system for this device.That brings it up to speed with trends that all the ‘cool kids’ are rocking this year – LG, Samsung, Huawei and possible even the new iPhone expected later this year. That being said, we still think that the cameras is a big weakness on this device, but not as bad as before.When you place an order for OnePlus 7 covers and cases Online on Blackbora, we would make sure to deliver you the cover between 4-7 business days depending upon the pin code. We are still fans of the Oxygen OS because its neat, clean, light and now its got some really useful customizations added to it. Remember how we talked about the prices? Its easy to compare the OnePlus 7 to the other flagships. But OnePlus is massively undercutting it by pricing this phone very low and given the current landscape it looks like a good deal and we think people are going to love this phone.

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