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Best Covers for OnePlus 6 on Blackbora

OnePlus as a brand has been a pioneer for shaping the smart phone market from a very long time. The brand started as a lower mid-range competitor with OnePlus one and ever since then, it has climbed up. OnePlus is known for offering flagship grade specs at affordable pricing. And with OnePlus 6, the brand has now at a stage to compete for premium smartphone segment with a bang! OnePlus 6 was launched this year in May, and since then they are selling like cheesecakes. OnePlus has already updated their flagship game with Designer OnePlus 6T Back Covers and adding a McLaren Edition on top of it. With an eye-catching yet refreshingly new design, amazing performance mated with plenty of power, precise dual rear cameras, a gorgeous full HD display, and tonnes of features, OnePlus 6 is the flagship, which we all have wanted. And all this comes at a price of ₹ 34,999 only! Let's have a look on this beautiful device, and see if it is worth of its hype. We at Blackbora love quality, we have always been driven to improve the overall quality of our phone covers, OnePlus 6 Covers are no different, you shall find designs as per your tastes. You can click on the tags to sort designs as per your interests. All our phone covers are designed by designers globally.

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Features of OnePlus 6 Cases?

A Drool Worthy OnePlus Design

OnePlus 6 has been designed from scratch to feel premium, and it does! The device carries the essence of OnePlus 6 but also shows evolution. To complement the design aesthetics of OnePlus, all our cases and back covers have designs from best of the best designers so as to not tone down the aesthetics of your OnePlus 6.
Body: Glass all around
OnePlus 6 on first look seems to be made completely out of glass. The glass used here for both front and back panel is the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which provides a clean yet premium smartphone vibe. OnePlus 6’s glass body is perfectly supported by a matching Aluminum trim which provides both support and beauty. The sides are gently curved and come with smoothly rounded corners which provide a continuous look, and the panel seems to create patterns and highlights using reflections and shadows from this uninterrupted glass body. This bold design shows the evolution of OnePlus 6, but it also carries, OnePlus’ trademark design element like Horizon Lines. Blackbora OnePlus 6 Cases will protect your phone from all around, we have precisely designed cutouts for easy access to all ports and buttons while ensuring a snug fit.
Perfect placement
The OnePlus 6 body features a very symmetrical design. The dual rear camera setup is placed vertically in between the back panel with a dual tone LED flash below it. A rather curved rectangle type fingerprint sensor sits right below the camera setup, and below comes the iconic OnePlus’ logo. The power button and sound slider are placed on the right, and the volume rocker sits in the left. The speaker grill, headphone jack, and USB type-C port is placed at the bottom of OnePlus 6 while the top remains free with a secondary mic. Our beautiful covers for OnePlus 6 have neat and accurate cut out for cameras, flash and sensors.
Amazing Combinations with color and editions
OnePlus 6 has been launched in four different colors out of which the Red OnePlus 6 stands bold. There is Mirror black, which is the most common choice for many. It comes with a sheen mirror finish. This gives it a more ceramic look. Then there is the traditional Midnight black version with matte glass finish which gives a metallic look. OnePlus 6 also launched the Silk White edition, and with rose gold accents, this pearl looks pure coveted royal! It is a limited edition color. And then, we have RED. Also called OnePlus Red the device has been painted red all over its fingerprint sensor, and the camera hub has been traced in fine gold accent. This has been a made to give multi-layered amber design which has an extra anti-reflective layer. This is a beauty! On the back side, “Designed ByOnePlus” is engraved giving it a minimalistic look.The cases would provide you with ultimate protection without sacrificing on the “feel” of your sleek phone. The covers would not add too much bulk to your OnePlus 6.

The OnePlus 6’s cameras

OnePlus 6 features the latest trend on smartphones, i.e., Dual rear cameras. With dual-tone LED flash, they are a nice pair of lenses to capture beautiful moments.
Rear Cameras
The new OnePlus 6 has got a Sony IMX519X 16-megapixel primary lens with a f/1.7 aperture which is pretty fine. It also comes with a hybrid zoom and a portrait mode. The secondary rear camera has even more megapixels, i.e., 20 MP Sony IMX 376K sensor which has a f/1.7 aperture and pixel size of 1.0 µm. Using this beefy dual rear camera setup, OnePlus has OIS (optical image stabilization) and EIS (electronic image stabilization). Hence it prevents camera noise and image blurring issues. To all the non-geeks, OnePlus 6 has a good quality pair of Sony sensors and can capture great rear camera photos. OnePlus is well aware of problems related to low light conditions. To tackle this, OnePlus has used a 1.22um pixel size primary rear camera sensor. It helps to draw more light and is excellent for dim-light photography.
Front Cameras
OnePlus 6 features a 16 MP Sony IMX 371 sensor front camera, which suits best for selfies at any time of the day. The pixel size is 1.0 µm, and aperture sits at moderate f/2.0. The front camera also comes with the support of EIS, thanks to the camera software.
Video Recording Redefined
OnePlus 6’s dual rear cameras can easily record up to 4K resolution videos at 30/60 fps. But the game changer feature remains Super Slow Motion video recording in 1080p at 240 fps, and the 720p video at 480 fps. It is not the best super slow-mo feature in all smartphones out there, but being new to the OnePlus franchise, it is more than a welcome feature. On the front camera side, it is capable of recording 1080p resolution video at 30 fps and 720p resolution video at 30 fps. There is also a Time-Lapse video feature on front camera of OnePlus 6.
Camera features and modes
OnePlus 6 has some impressive camera modes like Portrait mode, Pro Mode, Panorama, HDR, HQ, Dynamic Denoise, Clear Image and RAW Image to snap the best it can in any light and time. OnePlus 6 cameras have also got an inbuilt video editor. Not as much like the rear camera but the front camera has some amazing features like screen Flash, Smile Capture, additional mode, i.e., Face Beauty mode, etc. As per the image reviews, it is observed that OnePlus 6 successfully captures the best view with sheer detailing. Though, the images are not as good as that of galaxy note 8, apple iPhone x, but see the price tag, 34,999 rupees!

True Performance of solid OnePlus 6 Back Cases

Your covers by Blackbora for OnePlus 6 will easily withstand the abuse of day to day use. Moreover the cases and impact and scratch resistant due to being made of hard polycarbonate and matte finish. With the blast of OnePlus 6 in the market and the phone getting the recognition of one of the best phones nowadays it can be quickly concluded that OnePlus 6 has had a great performance and the processors and GPU of the phone is top notch.
Power of 845
With the fastest chipset from Qualcomm, there is a reason that this phone has not only invested correctly in its chipset and entire circuit but also has made sure that the phone with its performance is durable and consistent as well. OnePlus 6 came with a motto of "The speed you need" and convincingly have lived up to the moto. The primary focus has been towards the development of the performance of the handset. This phone is perfect for you if you believe in multitasking because whenever a lot of apps are opened together, it is the Snapdragon 845 in this mobile which comes into play. The Octa-core Snapdragon 845 responds whenever an app is opened amazingly in OnePlus 6 even if more than 200 optimizations are added to the device, one of which is ramping up CPU frequencies to their respective core's maximum when an app is launched. This helps in better, faster and smarter experience of multi-tasking. Another aspect which is a crucial consideration for every user is the smoothness of the phone. It has been an issue for most of the users worldwide regarding any phone, and that is the loading problems and that the experience of their phones isn't very smooth. A lot of tests were conducted on OnePlus 6 to deduce to whether the phone is sufficiently as smooth as fast it is considered. When tried on to scrolling for either Play store or Gmail accounts or even Facebook messenger the results were entirely satisfactory as the phone performed much better than OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. Apparently, there were some shortcomings too in the phone's smoothness as well as when conducted for the side panels test among different apps the performance was worse than its previous models, and a short verdict regarding the smoothness could be made that the loading and the multitasking features in the phone are incredibly smooth but all the features and performances which require multi-tapping react comparatively slower to their previous models.
Gaming like a beast
The gaming experience is as phenomenal as ever in the latest OnePlus 6. The graphics are better and all the games tested to give a real-life experience all due to Adreno 630 GPU. There are hardly any loading errors in the gaming experience, and due to the additional 6GB RAM on the OnePlus 6, it makes it a great phone for all the dedicated mobile gamers, as do the Gaming mode features. If you are one of those avid gamer or a person looking for the smoothest and fastest experience on your phone with the best processor and microchip experience, then OnePlus 6 is a sure shot buy for you.

Battery and Charging

Battery: Better performance
The battery life or the battery performance is one of the most importance features which is taken into consideration whenever we think of buying a new phone. The new OnePlus 6 comes with a massive 3,300 mAh battery which is said to last the entire day with the help of a single charge. The truth, in fact, is a bit twisted as all the tests conducted on the OnePlus 6 resulted that the phone may have a good battery strength but not the best one. The phone requires charging almost every 10 hours if it is supposed that 2 to 3 applications with the music apps are opened at the same time. The battery power has not been advanced further from its previous models, and the battery lasts almost as it did in OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. In contrast to this, the OnePlus 6 has delivered 10 % more efficient battery than its predecessor. So even after being the same size OnePlus 6 has added to give a better battery backup. If you start feeling that your battery is going to drain soon, you can even change your settings to battery saver mode which saves and makes the battery efficient to up to 10 %.
Dash Charging support
The phone comes with a glass body and gave prospects to enable wireless charging, but the case was different when it was told that the OnePlus 6 wouldn't support wireless charging. This wasn't taken as a significant issue by most of the OnePlus users as their Dash charging continues to charge their phones at a phenomenal rate. The dash charging in OnePlus 6 is said to charge the phone in the fastest time with comparison to all the other phones. The dash charging helps the phone charge from 0 % to 100 % in a mere time of 80 minutes. So the worry of charging your phone for hours and hours is now gone. Dash charging currently is the fastest way of charging in the revolution of smart phones and tend to charge at a super fast rate of 0 % to 60 % in 30 minutes. Another added feature in this brilliant charging technique that unlike other phone and charging techniques OnePlus 6 doesn't get warm at all. Even after charging at high speed there is no fear of heating of the phone or the fact that your phone is getting slow during the charging process. In conclusion, the phone may not come with the best battery strengths in the market but what sets it apart is the fast and robust dash charging. So your phone may get discharged, but with the services of the dash charger, you may have very little actually to worry.

OnePlus 6 Case final verdict

OnePlus is undoubtedly one of the best in class flagship smartphones out in the industry with an impressive pricing of ₹34,999 for the base 6 GB RAM/64 GB ROM version. OnePlus 6 was launched, with two powerful taglines, one was “The Speed you need” and the other was “Flagship Killer”. So, has OnePlus 6 lived up to its tagline expectations? And most importantly, should you buy it? The Snapdragon 845 on OnePlus 6 mated with 6 Gigs of RAM performs exceptionally well, and this performance also enhances battery life. The 3300 mAh battery, is not large enough but with OnePlus Dash charging, the battery can be charged quickly. Also, the chipset and Android Oreo promise to increase battery life. The design lives up to expectations and feels premium, but the display isn't that great. Though with the latest fashion, it also features a notch up display, it isn't the best in class display at this price range. Also, the all Glass-Aluminium body design is not that durable, though it comes with Corning Gorilla glass 5. The glass back also acts as a fingerprint magnet. The camera too features great sensors with heavy megapixels, but that doesn't compete well with the likes of Pixel smartphone or Samsung Galaxy flagship phones. Some small features like Gaming mode, easy navigation gestures, etc. add the cherry on top.

OnePlus 6 competitors

This device isn't a great upgrade than One is 5T, but it is definitely for someone who is looking for a new smartphone brand after using Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, etc. Currently, the best competition to OnePlus 6 is Huawei Honor 10 at a price of ₹ 32,999, Samsung Galaxy S9 which comes at a price range of ₹55,600, Samsung Galaxy A8+/S8/S9, Nokia 7 plus at a price of ₹25,999, LG V30+ at a price of ₹44,990. At this price tag, only Honor 10 and Asus zenfone 5Z come too close to OnePlus 6, but they lack one or two things, be it battery life, cameras, or performance. Though the overall competition seems to be won by OnePlus 6, it is not perfect. OnePlus 6 nearly fills all the boxes, to what it takes to be a “Flagship Killer.” But it fills the boxes “Nearly,” and that's because, in the quest for the budget-friendly flagship smartphone, OnePlus 6 has compromised in the display, battery, etc. Still, it is one smartphone to buy at this price range. So, if you want a new smartphone with decent specs and performance go for OnePlus 6, but if you are using OnePlus 5T, you can stick to it!

Supreme Cases for OnePlus 6 in India Online

OnePlus 6 Covers


Our manufacturing unit works with minimum tolerance limits ensuring that the interior dimensions of the covers are super precise but relaxed enough so as to ensure the installation and removal of cover is a breeze, while still ensuring that the cover does not have play, i.e. movement while day to day usage of phone.

Permanent and Sharp Print Quality

Printing on all our covers is a thermal based process, i.e. during the printing, the covers and inks get subjected to 200 degrees Celsius of heat which ensures that the ink turns into gaseous state and cools back down to be permanently bonded with the ultimate layer of exterior of the cover to ensure that your beloved design remains permanent on your OnePlus 6 Cover.

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