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Printed Cases and Covers for OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T has been a solid successor to the OnePlus 5. It has got so many tech geeks in our office excited and too many people shifted from OnePlus 5 to OnePlus 5T. Thus, it was only natural for us to come out with printed OnePlus 5T cases for you. The OnePlus 5T is the product of a Chinese based producer or startup know as OnePlus. To incept the smartphone market, the OnePlus first product was good smartphones at cheaper prices. For a start, OnePlus sold its phones through an invitation to buy method and gained their fame through the OnePlus 5T model.

Highlights of the OnePlus 5T

Smartphones are so many these days. The only aspect that separates a smartphone from another is its features or design specifications. They will never be the same in any phones, only uniqueness. The OnePlus 5T boasts a number of features to its name.

The 6-Inch Display

Nothing really piques attention like a phone display size. Six inch for a smartphone is a good feat against its peers in the smartphone market. The OnePlus 5T display is Full HD with 1080 by 2160 at 401-pixel density (PPI). The AMOLED display of 18 to 9 ratio and exhibits brightness and clarity. The OnePlus 5T is not quite sharp in its display as some of its peers a feature someone can do without in a smartphone. The display on the purchase has a less concentrated blue colour that is adjustable in the settings menu.

DCI-P3, sRGB and Sunlight Display Feature

The OnePlus 5T screen has a default screen mode that is quite a brainer. However, the phone allows the user to customize screen features with respect to use and need. One can switch the OnePlus 5T screen mode to an adaptive mode, a DCI-P3 that provides an array of colours to choose from for the screen or an SRGB, which is actually the standard, and most traditional colour, which can also be set on a smartphone making it even more natural in appearance.

Moreover, the OnePlus has the Sunlight display feature that allows the screen to adapt to changes in the degree of light exposure. This means you can operate the OnePlus 5T in both a very sunny day or on dark nights. The phone discerns whatever the user does on the phone and provides an impressive viewability for the same.

OnePlus has also included a feature it calls Sunlight Display, which automatically detects harsh light and adapts the display for the best viewability; it's basically an auto brightness mode, but it also knows what you’re doing on screen (whether it's a game, movie or general navigation) and will optimize the display accordingly.

Premium Metal Unibody

On appearance, the OnePlus 5T has a uniformly shaped body quite sleek. A common feature in today’s smartphone shelves is the rear fingerprint scanner for identification not forgetting the fast face recognition feature.

The uniformly shaped metal body of the OnePlus 5T provides a gentle curve finish for an easier grip and the ability unlock screen without having to look at the fingerprint scanner. 

The OnePlus 5T is an improved version of its OnePlus 5 and portrays the same measurements of about 156mm by 75mm by 7.3mm. It has a weight of about 160 grammes similar to an iPhone 8 or LG V30.

16MP Front and 20MP Rear Camera

Today’s camera is pricey, people have resorted to smartphones, therefore, the need for a good front and rear camera is important. The OnePlus 5T smartphone front camera is about 16 megapixels and has a rear of about 20 megapixels. The OnePlus 5T camera guarantees good, natural looking and detailed photos.

6GB/8GB CPU and 64GB/128GB Storage

Nothing is important in a phone as its speed and efficiency, the storage and network capabilities. The OnePlus 5T come to a CPU Snapdragon of 6GB and 8GB depending on the phone one will go with, a storage of 64GB and 128GB quite large for personal use and allows the user to run two sim cards because of its dual sim feature. The OnePlus 5T phone also provides freedom of use once in an outside country due the GSM international unlocked feature.

3300 mAH Battery Capacity

The smartphone today serves many a function. It is a workstation, entertainment station, and a way to reach out to friends and family. One cannot decide the events of certain days, therefore, battery capability matters. The OnePlus 5T battery is about 3300mAH, which fully charges in three hours and on ideal usage, last about 2 days.

3 Phone Cases in Packaging

OnePlus has the habit of packing its phones alongside 3 phone cases. This simply means in the OnePlus 5T are a phone, a charger, and a pair of earphone, and most importantly phone cases. They come in different colours means one gets to choose a case for a certain period, change, use another, and keep the phone looking new every day.

OnePlus 5T Pros and Cons

Pros of OnePlus 5T

Impressive colour displays

OnePlus 5T has a screen display of 6 inches and 441pixels per inch. An AMOLED panel, a full High-end Definition Display and an adaptive screen mode accompany the display. The screen colour changes depending on what you are doing on the phone giving high-quality images and interactive appearance. For maximum quality set the screen mode to a DCI-P3 and enjoy the astonishing colour talent it displays.

Natural, good looking and detailed images

An improvement of the OnePlus 5, the OnePlus 5T has 4 cameras, two for the front and two for the rear camera. There is a primary rear camera is has the same capability as the main camera at 16 megapixels. The secondary rear camera is at 20 megapixels and allows for digital 2X zoom even after a normal 2X optic zoom. The image remains the same without a loss in quality of images. The images portray a dynamic range, better saturation and detailed features.

The front camera has a capability of 16 megapixels. The OnePlus can take lowlight selfie images. The camera is good to use at any time of the day.

Good battery capability

The OnePlus 3300mAH is hugely impressive and quite sustaining. At full charge, the battery can last for a whole day on games, online streaming, social media activities, and office and work-related purposes. On a normal activities day like emails, messaging and calls the OnePlus battery can last you for two days.

Good appearance and sleekness

The OnePlus 5T is made of less bezel around its screen, the phone is made off a uniformly shaped body made of aluminium. The phone has a fine finishing that allows for a sleek grip. With a good case in its packaging, you have yourself a good-looking and a uniquely smooth touch of the phone.

Subtle security features

The OnePlus 5T gives access to only its owner. There is no need for fear of intrusion. The sleek touch allows for easy reach for the fingerprint scanner just at its rear. This phone also allows for a fast and precise face recognition. Most importantly, its ability to read you through glass or non-glass features will not prevent its recognition feature from recognizing your face. In less than two seconds your phone has already, face recognized you.

Ability to run multiple social media profiles on two apps

Just like an iPhone, the OnePlus 5T can be able to handle two different social media accounts on the same phone and two similar apps. This prevents you from having to log out of one account to another or the need to digitally switch accounts on your phone. Quite an impressive feature for a person that has separated personal social media account from a business social media account.

Good audio capability

The OnePlus 5T has a speaker at its bottom like its predecessor the OnePlus 5. The speaker is good for use without headphones despite its possession of a headphone jack at the top of the phone. With the OnePlus 5T one can, therefore, enjoy online video and audio streams plus it allows for clear sound in the case of dialogue in the case of typical calls and social media video calls.

OnePlus 5T is a fast processor phone

This phone is fitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with a RAM of 6GB or 8GB depending on the one you go for. The phone exhibits fast operation speeds in app opening and software handling. The process is also hugely supported but the phone good storage of 32GB or 64GB. Anyone can attest to this fact because most of the phones, we have to operate at 4GB RAM and internal storage of 8GB and 16 GB but still function faster. This one exceptionally fast.

Customizable Oxygen OS

The Oxygen OS is the best version of a phone OS after the android. The Oxygen OS allows the user to change OS operation depending on preference and usage. OS allows a phone to tweak the recent, home and back buttons depending on how best you to use them. 

The Oxygen OS allows for app usage no interruption feature. Here as a user, you should not worry of interruption in the middle of a gaming. The advantages of such an interactive and user-friendly OS is a better smartphone option for any person.

OnePlus 5T Cons

As much as the OnePlus 5T is an impressive phone with varied advantages, this device has misdoings something everything in nature can portray. The cons of the OnePlus 5T are:

Lack storage expansion slot

As much as has an impressive internal storage capacity, it disappoints with the fact that it does not allow for the user to expand storage options.  One can use an SD in the OnePlus 5T in the case of a need for extra storage.

Facial recognition not working in the night

The OnePlus 5T has a fast face recognition feature. On the other side, it does not work perfectly in a dark place. This can be embarrassing in the case one wants to do banking on the phone and needs a quick face recognition to allow access to funds.

Too sleek

The unibody appearance does not end an impression. The touch is smooth. If there is a way the phone can provide reliable grip then it will be a completely impressive package. For that price, no one wants to buy every time.

OnePlus 5T Pricing and availability

The OnePlus started by invites to buy, did a YouTube launch and even graced many online shelves. Being a flagship, it has hugely impressed and prices itself from $499.00 and found in a number of retail phone stores. In most cases, it has allowed for free shipping to wherever the customer is located.

Customer Reviews

Many people have used the OnePlus 5T phone and have had different views about it as below:

  • A customer Sechinov says the screen makes anyone fall in love. In his words, he says the phone offers good quality colour transmissions, screen profile choices and good contrast.

Ankit also praises the fast charging speed, the good voice capability, a good camera, fast battery charging, good battery life and is comfortable with its price in the market.

However, he believes the phone can easily slip from the hand and advises the phone needs a bumper to allow for reliable grip. On a scale of 10, he goes for 10.

  • A customer Tushar calls it the most fluid Android experience. He cannot compare it with the smartphone he had before. He also advises that for those that feel the screen is dull they should get to the phone settings and try the amazing display options the OnePlus 5T review provides. He also praises the 8GB RAM for its ability to help him open apps faster and no need for reloads.

He feels the camera is not the best but can do great shots. He recommends a tweak in software and goes on to say no phone in the market can beat the OnePlus 5T even with its misdoings and rates it at 9, on a scale of 10.

OnePlus 5T Covers

The OnePlus 5T has been lots of odds, the large storage, the speedy CPU, the oxygen OS, and the impressive outlook. It is doing well and performs better than most of the brands that have been in the market for a long time and have even resolved bugs and creation missteps. I can recommend it to everyone because it can do magic for anyone. We ensure that the quality of our cover will be top notch and you shall receive OnePlus 5T Covers within 4-7 business days of orders.