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Designer Back Covers for Moto G6

Motorola has been a smartphone brand, which is known for its premium design and best in class cameras. In the smartphone world, Motorola has never made any compromise for the desirable, luxury end of the market. Also, if a pocket-friendly phone is what you require, then Moto g series is first recommended one. You can buy covers for Moto G6 related to various themes as per your interests.

Motorola Moto (or Moto) is a trademark owned by Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC. It is used and marketed on Android mobile devices manufactured by Lenovo now, which owns Motorola now! It is currently a subsidiary of Lenovo. The Moto brand is also used and exchanged for specific public-safety products from Motorola Solutions and by Motorola brand licensees on particular home products and mobile accessories. After Google purchased Motorola Mobility in 2012, a simplified smartphone lineup debuted in 2013 with Moto X at the high end, Moto E on the low end/budget, and Moto G in the middle. In 2016, the Moto X line was terminated, and the Moto Z line took its place at the high end. The Moto X line came back in 2017.

Since 2013, the Moto G series has provided the public with some of the not the very best, but affordable buys of the year. When the budget is short, you probably want a Moto rather than a Samsung or Sony. And you certainly don’t want an iPhone, unless you have a thing for banged-up phones that can’t run their software well anymore. The Moto G6 is the latest Moto G series Smartphone, and it has a lot to offer than the previous Moto G series smartphones. How? Let us check it below.

Stunning Design of Moto G6 India

Unlike its predecessors, Moto g6 decides not to follow the Moto g series of having plastic and metal bodies but to possess a metal body with gorilla glass at the back as well as in front. It gives g6 a very luxurious look, and the luster provided by the glass is increasing the charisma to its peak. Because instead of a plastic coat at the back, the glass offers a mirror finish. However, the phone, therefore, becomes very slippery and requires proper carefulness while holding. The design of Moto g6 is similar to that of the Motorola X4. Moto g6 is currently available only in one color that is, Indigo Black. Rounded corners of the gorilla glass at the back is something never noticed in the history Moto g series. But in the market where gorilla glass 6 is high in demand, g6 won’t be able to make room for itself with gorilla glass 3.

The back side posses the rear camera along with a dual flashlight. The dual sensor camera at the sides along with flashlight makes a smiley, simple yet innovative. Moto g6 will keep itself present in the discussion for having the fingerprint sensor at the front. Surely, the fingerprint sensor is small in size, but is very sensitive, unlike other smartphones.

The volume and power buttons are located on the right side of the phone, both are easily reachable and very responsive but are small. The base of the Moto g6 contains a USB port of type C, again not very impressive for Indian users. A 3.5mm audio jack is also present there. The earpiece also acts as speakers for the phone.

The thickness is 8.3mm, not the thinnest but, a slippery surface along with less width would have been a disaster. The phone is also not very heavy, that is 167 grams. The dimensions are 153.8 x 72.3 x 8.3 mm. It is 1cm taller than Moto g5. The body, however, is strong enough to resist scratches even after numerous accidental drops.

Surprising Camera on Moto G6

A 12 MP rear camera lens with dual sensor have impressed many photographers through its specifications only because the pictures captured by Moto g6 could not do the same. The minute details were not achieved, as well as the dynamic range was not very satisfying. Moto g6 supports portrait mode, which fails to focus on objects due to imperfect detection by the lens. There is a blur feature as well; it was also not up to the mark. The pictures although shows no artificial colors when taken in enough light.

Coming to the specifications, Moto g6 has a 12 MP main rear and a 5MP secondary camera with a lens of f/1.8 aperture. As already mentioned, it has a dual sensor rear camera with a LED flashlight. Moto g6 offers many camera modes and features. The selective focus allows the user to focus on a particular region and modify the color, blur effective, etc. The selfie camera has 8 MP lens.

The selfies captured in enough lighting are quite satisfying, but the ones shot in low or dim light are not. The details lack here also. Overexposure to sunlight also ruins the pictures. There is a front LED flash which could help you to struggle less in dim lights.

Also, before and after a shot, a short video is recorded to have a look at the face filters selected. Moto g6 also features face unlock system.

The camera can record videos at up to 1,080p at 60 frames per second. Video capture maxes out at 1080p for both the front and rear camera. Motorola's EIS does an excellent job of keeping videos stable, but the level of detail is lacking.

Solid Performer, Vanilla Android

Equipped with Qualcomm's latest mid-range processor and the Snapdragon 450 g6 proves to better than g5 and cheaper than g6 Play. The GPU is of 506 Adreno and the RAM size of 3-4 GB depending on the region it is manufactured.

Snapdragon 450 uses 14nm architecture, which is half the size of the Snapdragon 430’s. The efficiency of the Snapdragon 450 processor is better, though a Snapdragon 636 or even Snapdragon 625 would have better. Still, the performance of this processor leads to better battery life. Hence, with Snapdragon 450, g6 would have the upper hand. The Snapdragon 450, with eight 1.6GHz Cortex -A53 claims to enhance the speed of the processor by 25%. And 506 Adreno would grab the attention of all the android gamers.

Multiple Apps occupying less RAM size like Gmail, Spotify, etc. never bothered the processor to hang and irritate the users. Moderately intensive Games (Alto’s Adventure, Threes, and even Lara Croft Go) were also quite smooth and impressive. g6 beats many of it contemporary smartphones when it comes to performance. 

When the games occupy more of the RAM, g6 fails to provide the same experience, although not very bad that you have to drop the idea of playing games like PUBG. The camera is slow to open and to perform all the features at ease. You may experience hangs while surfing and browsing large graphical sites. 

Like previous Moto phones, the G6 ships with a version of Android 8.0 that’s similar to the one you’d find on a Google Pixel.

The device comes with Android 8.0 version, so you’ll find features such as picture-in-picture multitasking, fantastic autofill support for passwords, and better notifications. The fact this is launching with 8.0 rather than the newer 8.1 doesn’t fascinate much, after all, we’ll see a quick update when Android 9 hits later in the year.

Decent Battery on Moto G6

A 3000mAh battery sounds not worthy enough to be bought for 13999 Indian Rupees. So the requirement for frequent charging was expected to face but never encounter. G6 keeps the name of the Moto g series by not letting down here. A full charged g6 can be used all day long with a moderate to high usage leaving behind up to 20-40% of charge depending on the use. Impressive enough to attract all the full-time android users with no time to charge during the day. But this strictly depends on the use. An intensive use could land you with battery drainage in the evening itself.

The battery life also depends on the brightness level. A 90 minutes video played on the highest level of brightness left the battery to 79%. It is better than g5 but couldn’t beat g5S. So, not very satisfying but not very disappointing either.

Moto G6 claimed its endurance rating as 64h. That's quite less for a 14nm chipset. The performance in call, web, and video playback routines is quite promising, but there was a relatively higher power drawn on standby.

Charging is simple through the USB-C cable at the bottom of the phone, and there’s also Motorola’s turbo power Charging feature too.

So, when you use the original charging adapter, you can enjoy with your phone for hours with just 30 mins of charging.

Fast charging feature works particularly well, but there’s no wireless charging here, and if you’re interested in the tech you’ll be disappointed with the glass-backed phone isn’t capable of that. The Motorola Turbocharger will charge the G6 at a faster rate when the device is below 78%. If the device is already at 78% or higher, it will charge at regular speed. Battery charging rate will start to slow down when the battery temperature reaches 44 Celsius or above.

The overwhelming response from the public unspokenly states the success of Moto g6. With most of the features, (not many though) which were reserved only for smartphones costing about 30K+, g6 has tried its best to break this monotony. Affordable with features is a great combination and hence is currently popular in the market.

The loud music lovers are going to love this. G6 comes with a double earpiece, i.e., it acts as a loudspeaker as well. The sound intensity is way too high with less or no distortion in sound quality, turning away all the fingers initially pointed towards it. The quality of sound is comparable to that of G6 Plus.

Speaking of, when plugged in the headphones, the G6 suffered a bit more than its peers regarding stereo quality. The other readings were barely affected, though, which meant the overall output was still reliable.

Ever since the first generation of the Moto G a lot of innovation in this, the Moto G5 in 2017 wasn’t the most significant leap forward (the company followed it up with the Moto G5S a few months later), so the Moto G6 is a return to form for Motorola.

A lot you might think after a few negative points about g6, why should one go for that, well you would rarely or will not able to find one such at just 13999 Indian Rupees, this where G6 beats the rest and wins the race. The features, design, and display size are enough to conclude that g6 has pulled its socks high to give a luxurious experience to the user at an affordable rate. Hence there’s no doubt that the Moto G6 is intended for those who want a budget android device but still want to experience the best technology on the market. The Moto G6 gives you that, and if you’re looking for a premium-feeling phone on a budget, you’ll be well satisfied. If you’re after a great rear camera you won’t find it here, and the performance is okay rather than stellar, but everything else feels good and works well. The screen, in particular, looks great, and the 18:9 aspect ratio makes it feel even more premium than it is.

Moto G6 Price in India

The Moto G6 at its price range stands in competition with Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro, Oppo Realme 1, Honor 9 lite, Honor 7X, Lenovo K8 note, Samsung Galaxy J6, Galaxy On 6, Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, Vivo Z10, and Nokia 6.1 (which is a great phone). The best competitors though remain Redmi Note 5 pro and Nokia 6.1. Moto G6 excels with these regarding Camera, software UI and Charging else the specs of these three are quite similar and competitive. The 4 GB/ 64 GB version costs at 16,000 and offers less competition in 16,000 price range as Redmi note 5 pro offers 6GB RAM and 128 GB ROM in 16,999 rupees!Buy this phone if you’re after a good-looking device on a budget that has competent spec built-in too.

Designer Back Covers for Moto G6


All Moto G6 covers come with guaranteed sharp print and print is thermally bonded on the back covers which ensures that print remains permanent in day to day use.


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