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The Moto G6 Plus is a product of the Motorola Mobility Company a result of the split of the original Motorola Company. The Lenovo Company owns the Motorola Mobility. The G6 plus is the latest of the Motorola Moto G6 series launched on April 2018. The G6 plus will be launched in India in the second week of September. Many consider this phone. Anyone might have come across this phone and even could know someone that uses it. However, what is the Moto G6 plus?

The Moto G6 plus comes with features that provide the uniqueness that identifies it among its users. Below are a number of things you need to know about this version of the Moto G series:

Incredible Back Covers to Complement your Moto G6 Plus

The G6 plus comes with a 5.9-inch gorilla glass 3 screen display. This phone version borrows the full high definition display of the G6 and retains its resolution. The screen colours are impressively vibrant. Unlike the G6, the 6 plus is not a colder screen phone. The user can actually change display temperature colour settings. The phone has good curved finishing with a plastic frame covering its body. The protect the screen our back covers for Moto G6 have a raised lip at the edges which helps to aid protection in case of a fall.

The G6 plus contains a volume and power button on its right edge. One can easily tell the difference between the power and volume button due to the texture the power button comes with. On its left, there is actually nothing, unlike its peers. The top contains a slot for dual nano-sim cards and SD card tray. Alongside them is a mic. At its bottom are the USB-C port and 3.55 mm jack for any external audio option. The designer back covers for Moto G6 Plus have precise cutouts for buttons and ports which allow seamless access to all the features without compromising on protection.

The Moto G6 plus comes with a fast fingerprint scanner at its front stretching to its bottom bezel. The scanner allows for gesture navigation that is fully controlled from the software section of the phone.

G6 plus is a quite slim phone at 8mm and a little tall at 160 mm by 75.5 mm.  The phone is relatively light at 167 grammes. Could be the plastic body or the good finishes but any user will enjoy its weight and portability. The cases do not add volume to the phone, they are neither too thick nor too thin.

G6 plus has a battery capacity of 3200mAH a little bit more than its G6. With a single charge, the G6 plus can last an impressing 11 hours on a video loop, 12 hours on heavy browsing, and an outstanding 21hours on 3G voice calls. Quite impressive! The phone on fast change takes a few minutes off the two-hour mark. On half an hour the phone achieves an almost 40 per cent charge.

The G6 plus is not a very loud phone on loudspeaker. The phone comes with a dual speaker set with one being that of the earpiece. The second is typically the main speaker. Generally, I will rate its normal audio capability at excellent as per my sound level meter. It is something anyone can deal with.

The G6 plus comes with a  Vanilla Android 8.0  and a number of Motorola modifications that make user customization easy. The Android 8.0 version comes with an Oreo which is its stock form. 

The G6 plus comes with dual camera capabilities. The camera also known as a camera combo is at 12 megapixels and 5 megapixels, the former can be used on its own, whereas the latter works as a depth detector.  The 12MP camera comes with a dual-pixel autofocus a little bit similar like that of the galaxy 7 and 8. Motorola uses its own camera app, unlike some  Android devices which depend on Google store camera services. The camera cut out on the Moto G6 Back cover is precise and not too wide such as to not hinder the photo quality yet protect the camera from dust.


  • Good screen display colour. The colours of the screen display are most what any user can expect.
  • The protective Gorilla Glass 3 screen protects is free from scratch and damage
  • Good finishes, smooth bezels that give it a smooth touch
  • Good battery life; lasting up to 21 hours on normal 3G calls on a full charge
  • Good voice quality, an extra audio option represented by the 3.7 mm jack


  • An almost 6-inch screen is quite tall, making it a phablet. Does not make it special.
  • Not quite perfect camera, something should be done about the front camera

Moto G6 Plus Covers Pricing and Availability

On launch in India on September 10th, the Motorola Moto G6 Plus is expected to trade at Rs. 16000 . This is relative depending on the storage capacity variant. This price is for the 64 GB variant. The phone is available at various online retailers like Amazon, in India I expect it to appear on, Flipkart, Tatacliq, name them.

A customer Ajit bought this phone and was impressed by most of its features. He praises the messaging app, the Indigo colour, no noticeble lag, stock android experience is good but is not happy withi its camera. Believes something can be done about the camera.

Another customer, Neha is impressed generally by the phone and even adds that the phone is not only has one way of unlocking it but also that one can actually unlock it using face unlock.

The phone can last a good 21 hours on 3G calls, 64 GB storage, additional storage slot and Gorilla Glass 3 display. For me, I cannot look away. I would recommend for anyone because it does well with all the basic features anyone can think of.

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