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Motorola which was once said to be a dusted company has risen from the fall so exceptionally that it has led to a fall of a lot of other companies. Moto series has been durable, cheap and a wonderful buy for everyone from the past few years.Motorola has now launched its new Moto G5s plus which is not a big update from its previous Moto G5 plus but still has a lot to offer. We at Blackbora have launched Moto G5S Plus Covers. The phone comes with a larger screen and multiple cameras. The battery backup is a tone better, and there is a specialized micro SD card facility available.

The Moto G5s plus box contains a turbocharger which maxes at about 15W, and it also includes a USB cable to support the charger. Sadly, the box doesn't include any earphone or headphone. The phone even comes with a pin to open the micro SD card slot and the sim slot as well.

There have been done a lot of reviews and tests on the new Moto G5s plus as it is necessary for Moto has now become the brand whose name is enough for its sales, and it is essential to see if the smartphone matches the level of its name or not. The tests on designs, performance, camera, and battery were carried out.

Design of Moto G5S Plus

The Satin finish aluminum body Moto G5S Plus is pleasing to the eyes and measures 153.5 x 76.2 x 8mm which is a bit towards a giant phone to carry. The screen of the phone is estimated to be 5.5 inch which is fantastic for gaming and movie experience but won't be one when you keep it in your pockets. The weight is around 168g, and the Moto G5s plus is only negligibly heavier than its previous models.

There are a few changes in the Moto G5s plus from the typical moto series phone. The large curvature of the back camera remains the same as it was in the predecessors. The symbol of 'M' for Motorola is imbibed inside at the center of the back panel of the phone. The back part of the phone is also covered with antenna lines all over.

The back camera now contains as an added feature two small cameras inside the large curvature of the camera.

The right side of the phone contains sensitive volume keys and power button as well. The distance between the volume end and the power button is sufficient enough which won't cause any mistake for the user to click the other one. On the exact opposite side, the micro USB port can be found which goes inside pretty smoothly and matches the design of the phone.

The downside of the phone contains the micro USB port instead of the type C port. There is even a loudspeaker and mic which is located at the bottom of the phone. This bottom part of the phone is a bit of a change from all the previous models of the moto series. As earlier the mic was not situated on the bottom side of the phone and instead on the right of the finger sensor. The top part of the phone contains the 3.5 mm jack and has nothing else on the entire length.The front part of the moto G5s plus is elegant as well. It includes the ample bezels as well. The fingerprint sensor for the unlocking of the phone is much larger and prettier as compared to its previous models. This helps in the sensor working as a multipurpose software for more than just unlocking.

On the above part in front of the screen is where you can see in layman terms a lot of dots and circles. Those are the earpiece in the center, the light sensor and the front camera lens to the leftmost side. The rightmost side has the front facing LED flashlight which the G5 plus didn't have. The LED light is present so that it could switch ON for a reminder or attention purposes. For example, whenever your battery is low, the LED light switches ON its own.

Great Camera

The camera of Moto G5s plus has something to offer which no other moto phone had before, and that is the dual camera feature. The back camera is powered at 13 MP dual camera sensor. The dual camera helps in blurring out the background of the picture and providing sharper and better photographs. This smartphone even has a unique feature of laser-assisted autofocus which helps in quick, accurate and precise focusing in any picture.

The various features included in the Moto G5s plus the back camera is the QR code reader, business card scanner, depth- enabled mode, panorama, portrait and the pro mode. Such amazing and numerous features make the camera of the phone the unique selling point of the moto G5s plus.

There is a settings screen on the upper side of the camera as well. By click on it, the resolution settings can be changed. There are other features as well which can be toggled to using the settings such as geotagging, frame-assist gridlines and quick launch. You can go to the gallery as well directly from the camera to check or edit any of the pictures you just clicked.

There is a professional mode on the camera as well which can be invoked to provide your own customized ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation, etc.

The portrait mode is bound to work exceptionally with its dual camera, but it has disappointed miserably. The portrait mode isn't able to differentiate between the object of focus and the background which is required to be blurred. It semi obscures or sometimes doesn't blur at all. The results of the portrait mode, when compared to the portrait mode of other phones, were disappointing, and that is one area where Motorola needs to work upon.

The HDR quality is impressive, and the clicks make the photo look different in a right way. The semi-light and low conditions are the best suited time to switch ON the HDR of your phone, and it gives results which are pretty satisfying. The panorama mode doesn't have a vast range to offer, but the pictures are brighter and sharper in the mode.

In Moto G5s plus, there has been an improvement in the area of selfie camera as now the camera shoots at 8MP as compared to the 5MP in its previous models. There is a beautification feature which allows clearing your face a bit, but the skin tone is almost accurate. There isn't any autofocus as of yet, but the flash works pretty fine and helps in detailing and precision in low light photos.

The image quality of the phone is averagely inclined towards good but isn't exactly exceptional. There has been noise reduction from the previous models, but some disturbances can still be noticed if looked clearly. 

Another feature with the addition of photos which is equally essential is the video recording of any phone. The Moto G5S Plus recorded videos up to 2160p, all which is due to the power of the Snapdragon 625 chip. There is an option to record 4K videos as well which are very sharp and detailed. Audio quality has increased, but the video pixels have gone down.

Superb Performer

The Moto G5s plus runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat and to the despise of all the users it's worth noticing that the Oreo upgrade is going to be out soon. The moto G5s plus is powered by the Snapdragon 625 chipset which is a super-popular midrange SoC and is the reason for the performance and robust functioning of the phone.

As mentioned earlier the fingerprint sensor due to its software upgrade can be used in various ways. Its primary use is that of the unlocking of phones which is common to all the phones, but what difference this particular model brings is that you can perform various functions using the fingerprint sensor such as it can be used for calling google assistant if pressed for a long time. The sensor can be used to go back, open recent tabs and even to go home. These settings can be altered according to your wish.

The performance rate has increased if not drastically but at least considerably and visibly.  The CPU strength, in theory, hasn't been much strengthened from the previous models. But the experience has gotten better.

The gaming experience has got better and for a rate like this which Moto G5s has to offer it is a beautiful take away for all the gamers. The experience is free from bugs, and the phone can support most of the games flawlessly. It's just a few times when there is a bug or buffering noticeable. The pixels aren't distorting, and the 5.5-inch screen provides the perfect environment.

The movies and songs work at a fast rate as well, and there is a power packed performance. The performance can't be compared to phones at a high rate of 40,000 and above, but at this rate, the moto G5s is bound to present you with the best performance features.

There are just some instances where the apps are shut down and stop working. This is a bug which has occurred sometimes, and it needs improvement, and it is hoped that the new software update is all set to work on such bugs to provide the flawless experience.

Battery and Charging

Moto G5s plus on papers is powered by a mere 3,000 mAh battery, but when tested it works much better than it was expected to. The battery works for 90 minutes on video playback which is a very comforting performance for a phone which is powered at 3,000 mAh. The maximum brightness of the phone takes around 16 % of the battery which is a bit more than its predecessor which was 12 %, but a simple and logical reason to that is the bigger screen that the Moto G5s plus has to offer.

When used the phone the entire time for web browsing and using social media the phone lasted for 11 hours and 50 minutes which is almost half a day, and this gives an insight that the phone is powerful enough to run the entire day even if you use half the day for social media and web searching.

For calling purposes the phone worked for more than 26 hours which is a fantastic result. To top it all the Moto G5s plus battery saver mode saves up to 20 % of the battery and can help you use your phone for a longer time.

With a great battery backup, another add-on is fast and turbocharging for the phone. The turbocharger helps in quick charging of the phone. Lenovo has come up with the new turbo power technology, and it has benefitted the charging aspect of the moto world. The initial charging is slow as the phone charges about 25% in the first half an hour but the entire phone charges from 0% to 100% in a mere 100 to 110 minutes.

Covers and Cases

It can be easily cited that the phone is a beautiful creation by the moto company but it is not a big leap from the moto G5 plus so it is one query all the users must answer to and decide before the phone.

At the same price, there is a lot of completion for Moto G5s plus and the biggest of which is its predecessor. With Moto G5 plus already established in the market and a price lower than G5s plus it is hard to come up with a reason to go for the new update when there are just little things to differentiate both the phones.

Another vital competition is Honor 9, with almost similar rate comes this phone which has a high powered chip strength and smarter camera. The debate of the other side is mainly the price factor. Other smartphones in the competition are Moto G6, Xiaomi MI A1, XiaomiRedmi note 5 pro, etc. There are other competitions as well for Moto G5s plus but with the name established, dual camera strength, high battery life and rugged performance it is expected that this version of moto will again taste success as did all its predecessors.

If you want a smartphone at a mid-price range of less than 16,000, then this G5s plus by Moto may be your best pick.

Moto G5S Plus Covers

We manufacture and print covers for Moto G5s Plus so as to keep in mind the tolerance limits, the covers feel soft in hands but are actually made of matte finished premium polycarbonate. The covers are shipped and delivered in 5-7 business days.

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