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Manufacturers always thought of a device that could incorporate premium features in a lowly Priced smartphone. They came up with a solution, and that is the Google Pixel series of smartphones. Right from Pixel 2 to 3, the device has always put the customers’ interests at heart in terms of the pocket size. Order Google Pixel 3a xl Back Covers Online and avail the superb discounts Blackbora has to offer. However, from Pixel 3a, we found out that the smartphone was a better definition compared to its predecessor Pixel 3. This time around, the great manufacturers, who are the Google, decided to launch yet another amazing smartphone, and that would fit everyone's interests. This led to the introduction of Google Pixel 3a XL, a device launched shortly after 3a had been launched. Many manufacturers have a problem of manufacturing phones and consequently packing the phone with very many features. This, in turn, increases their cost, and then customers do not buy them anymore. At the beginning of this year, there was a flop in the smartphone market, as the sales decreased by a whole 6.6 percent.  It is not that every manufacturing company felt this loss, but Google had felt the pinch. This is because the sales were off the pace that previously set by Pixel 2. All our back cases have precision cut-outs which ensure that you have access to all the ports, buttons and cameras on Google Pixel 3a xl without any hindrance. That was heartbreaking since Pixel 3 series of smartphones contain the best camera. Moreover, Google has come up with a solution of combining or instead of putting together all the things that people liked about in Pixel 3 and put them all together at a lesser price. This resulted in Pixel 3a XL, a device that is more less the same as the Pixel 3 XL but which saves us $420. Google manufacturers came up with the smartphone that has a good performance, and hence, the sacrifices are worth it since they have an amazing camera exemplary battery life.

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When you first look at the Pixel 3a XL, you cannot tell the difference between it and its other siblings who are more expensive. The look a like, and it only needs someone so keen to distinguish between the two devices. Pixel 3a XL has a taller margin that the Pixel 3 XL, with a size of 6.3 by three by 0.3 inches. Seemingly, the device also uses Google's signature for its two-tone design. 3a XL has more features that help it look unique. When one places the 3a type on his or her hand, then we can quickly notice where the Google Company saved cash. Instead of metal, the Pixel 3a smartphone is made of polycarbonate. This can be felt and seen so quickly. On the other hand, the back of the Pixel 3XL which is made from glass is much heavier, and therefore it outweighs the 3a XL by half an ounce. Blackbora's Google Pixel 3a xl cases helps get customized look to your phone. This difference is so minimal, and therefore, you only can notice it when you lift the device.  Therefore, if one aligns them on a flat surface, then you will the wrong one. The fact that Pixel 3a XL has a plastic casing and that is cheaper, then there is no wireless charging, like the 3 XL. If one wants to settle for a cheap-looking phone, then 3a XL is the way to go. In terms of color, 3a XL has only two simple and common colors. The colors are black and white. Surprisingly, the device adds a pale purple color. This is to add taste to the phone's appearance and make it more appealing as well. The power button also gets appealing because of the splash of color that was added to it. On the white model, the button has that orange splash color and lime on the other purple-like version of the same. Right from the recent pixels, the company Google did drop a 3.5 mm headphone jack. This was more considerable than any notch designs. Good thing, the jack is returned to the top of the Pixel 3a XL and which will increase the appeal of the phone as well. When it comes to the brightness of the screen, this is a disappointment. It is never good even from the past series of smartphones. The display of the 3a XL is 6-inch in size. For instance, when I watched some European league via the smartphone, it was hard to distinguish the red jerseys. The screen, even if it were set for maximum brightness, differentiating the similar colors would be a problem. If we could bring a light meter to measure the brightness, then the scale would read so low. However, there is a remarkable change when we get indoors. In other words, the display has no good vibrancies. Even when watching, there can be a character dressed in a blue shirt, and once the character disappears to the shadows, then the color also becomes dim and unnoticeable.As if that is enough, a character dressed in black cannot stand against a black background since he will appear with a disembodied head on the 3a XL screen. Pixel 3aXL has OLED panels and the screens being highly reflective. Therefore when someone watches through the screen, it tends to reflect the image of the user, and consequently, it looks distractive. Moreover, the screen has the advantage of a wider display compared to the pixel3a. Therefore, there is no much straining. you can buy designer mobile covers from various e-commerce platforms famous in India

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We all know that when a screen is bigger, it also requires a bigger battery pack. This is because it is the display that consumes a lot of power. Google, therefore, came along with a 3,700-mega-ampere battery pack, well suited for the Pixel 3a XL. It is much larger than the Pixel 3 XL. This means that it can hold power for a very long time. Even with the intensive surfing and the screen brightness adjusted to 150 nits, still, the battery lasts. I cannot worry about the electrical outlet of Pixel 3a XL because off the battery test that I ran. Colourful Designer Printed Cases and Covers will definitely add oodles of style to your Google Pixel 3a xl. You can buy multiple cases and make your smartphone match your aesthetics on a particular day. This was by use of the Verizon’s network and on the same note; I used T-mobile or the test to have comparable results. Right from breakfast time to dinnertime, the device was still showing a good indication. This is evident that the device can run for a whole day without the need for charging it. Hence, it is reliable. During charging, I noticed that a 15 minutes charge lasted me for a good 7 hours of the battery life. Even with a simple test I charged the phone while it was at 35 percent and by the time, it was 56 percent, it was 15 minutes later. This tells us that the device has a fast charging capability and a good battery life. 12 mega-pixels rear camera The only thing that makes Pixel series of smartphones outstanding is the fact that they have a powerful camera. Artificial intelligence and good software enable the device to have heavy photographic lifting. The features of the camera are also impressive, for example; the Night Sight, Super Res Zoom, and the Portrait Mode effects that are powered by computational photography. Nevertheless, Pixel 3a XL does not have the second lens as Pixel 3 and 3 XL. This will prevent one from taking selfies at a wider angle. Therefore,it only becomes of importance when we want to capture more background details in a self-portrait. However, the double front shooters are added to expensive smartphones. Therefore, we would have to go with 3a XL, which is affordable.

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As the device costs $420, its camera is also worth it since it is capable of capturing fantastic photographs. Amazingly, it has an aperture of 1.8, which helps it capture photos at a larger field of view. More vibrancy is expected and more clarity as well because the device has this kind of aperture.  When we look at the Night Sight feature of the camera, then we have every reason to give recommend Pixel 3a XL.Such a precious phone which is special to you requires an equally special and unique Cover. At night, the camera captures photos so clearly, and that is more impressive. The colors captured are even more realistic, and with clarity, the subject can be zoomed in and still shows details so well. Let us not also forget about the front camera, which is also known as the selfie camera.3a XL has a good selfie camera of eight mega pixels, and that is so clear and for fun. Even celebrities ought to go for this device because of the selfie camera that captures images so well and the details of the subject refined.The software and other unique soft features. Pixel 3a XL comes in having the Android 9 Pie, which is the latest version of the Operating system designed by Google. This software enables the device to get a guaranteed security and software updates of up to three years. Advantageously, this year we will receive an update off android Q. The other unique features that are only found in the Google’s most expensive phones are also found in the Pixel 3a XL. For instance, we have the Call screening that intercepts calls and which deals with the calls in the user’s behalf. That means you do not have to strain so much. Google introduced this feature last year. Pixel 3a XL performance. This wonderful smartphone has that Snapdragon 670 mobile processor, which is less powerful compared with the Snapdragon 845 chipset that controls most of the high-end Android smartphones that we are conversant with. These powerful smartphones with such a chipset are in the Pixel series of smartphones. Therefore, Pixel 3a XL being in the same sequence as its predecessors, it can work efficiently but with a lower price. The overall performance of Pixel 3a XL on Geekbench 4 was at 5,197, compared to that of Pixel 3 XL, which was 7,684. This is when it runs with the Snapdragon 835. This means that the device is way better and reliable.When we come to the issue of graphics, there is the 3D Mark’s Sling Shot Extreme that is designed for testing graphics on high-end phones among them, Nokia 7.1. Pixel 3a XL happens to score 1,628 compared to Nokia 7.1, which was at 950. This tells us the device is so powerful as far as graphics are concerned. Therefore, why go for expensive phones whereas we have the Pixel 3a XL?The 4 GB RAM and the 64 GB internal storage help 3a XL run efficiently and swiftly. The RAM can support several actions in the smartphone, and it will not heat or lag. The internal storage of 64 GB as well as a kill. This is because we do not have to look for an external storage device. It can carry as much content as we need. Amazing camera The 12-megapixel rear camera gives this device a score.  This is because it can capture photos so well at the touch of the button. The quality of the images is also impressive and worthy. No one would want to buy a phone that has a poor camera since it is the very first feature a user can go to. Let us go for the Pixel 3a XL for excellent photography results. The affordable price Unlike other phones in the Pixels series, this device is much cheaper compared to the kind of work it can do. It has sophisticated features that most are in high-end smartphones, but its $420 price is much better and pocket-friendly. Good battery life The battery life of this 3a XL is impressive. We know the kind of battery test that I did to know its capability of holding smartphones. A 15 minutes charge gave us a performance of 7 hours of usage. It is evident that the battery life of this device is excellent. An amazing headphone jackNot every phone has an amazing jack or inserting the headphones. Most phones have their jacks inserted from the bottom of the device; hence, it does not look appealing. However, the 3a XL headphone jacks are inserted from the top of the device;therefore, it is more convenient there. Awesome performance 3a XL being a midrange smartphone, it still performs much better than other high-end smartphones we know. We were able to realize that 3a XL can run in Snapdragon 670. Which was a win compared to Nokia 7.1?Whatever that is good, it also must have drawbacks. The drawbacks are as follows, The screen is Dim Right from the beginning, we knew how badly the phone displays content. It is so dim, and that can underrate it. You can order back covers for Google Pixel 3a xl while sitting at the comfort of your couch and allow us to handle the rest, we make sure we dispatch the orders asap.No wireless charger, nor water resistance The price of this phone makes us imagine how good the phone can be and how impressive it can charge. However, the phone has no wireless charging. The plastic casing was evident enough. On the other side, it is not water resistant. That means, it can be exposed to water and it fails in performance.Pixel 3a XL is the best phone to go for. It has more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore I would recommend this smartphone.

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