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Google has launched a range of electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, etc. and this series is called Google Pixel, all either supporting on Android (6 and above) or Chrome OS. The first product was launched in February 2013 which introduced the generation of Chromebook Pixel.

In October 2016, Google originated the generation of Pixel smartphones with its first two models, Pixel and Pixel XL. It was then during the Made By Google event held on 4th October, Google announced and gained a recognition about the Pixel camera and bagged the position of the best smartphone camera. Pixel's HDR+ processing defeated HTC and grabbed that position. The Pixel generation eventually flourished and marked its existence. With unlimited cloud storage on Google photos, Pixel 2 hogged the limelight and proved the decision made by Google to replace the Nexus era with it was very right. The unlocker bootloader was a cherry on the top for this emerging smartphone sensation.

Beautifully Designed

The design is quite simple, nothing surprising. The Aluminium body gives an excellent grip to hold and access with only one hand. The power and volume buttons are there, as usual, that is, on the right.  They are easily reachable from thumbs. Few antenna marks are visible at the front edge of the phone which drains the look. The front sides have an aluminum coating.

Google Pixel 2 did not keep any room for a 3.5mm audio jack and hence, fails to grab the attention of solo listeners even though there is a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter in the box. Also, since there is no audio jack port, so there is not an FM facility either.The USB port is of type C and is at the bottom. So if you have forgotten your charger at home, it is difficult to find someone with the same handset.The thickness is not very less, that is, 7.80 cm but is not perceived as a bad design because it provides enough gap between the lens of the camera and the table when kept on it.There is just one slot for SIM at the left edge of the Pixel 2 for nanoSIMs only. This limitation of having just one SIM might not be liked by many because almost everyone has got two SIM cards.

Pixel 2 has come up with a sensor which will pop up google assistant as soon as it is given a small squeeze. The squeeze feature can even be customized for more shortcuts as well.

The dimensions of Pixel 2 stands at 145.70 x 69.70 x 7.80 (height x width x thickness) and weighs 143.00 grams.The fingerprint sensor is at the back in the upper half center of the phone, allowing easy access for the index finger. The rear camera, along with flash LED is placed at the top left corner, probably not to let the consumer confused with the fingerprint sensor.

Pixel 2 although provides proper internal storage ranging from 64 GB to 128 GB, but does not have any slot for micro SD card either. But this may not bother much to the average users who do not need much memory. With 5-inch display screen and a resolution of 1080 pixels full HD, Pixel 2 did not let down the users here.

Camera to Die For

The camera is where this Pixel 2 can beat most of the trending and popular smartphones. Pixel 2 has got the same camera features as that of Pixel 2 XL. A 12.2 MP lens rear camera may sound unexciting, but with Google HDR+ processing, it grabs the interests of all the picture lovers. The pictures taken on Google Pixel 2 successfully captured the fine detailing and had a crisp appearance. In daylight, even the unnoticed minute stuff with almost zero noise was observed in the image. The landscape and distant objects were also entirely satisfactory. Dim or low light could also not stop it to click a bad or disappointing photo. Skin tones are always accurately depicted in low light, which tends to deviate more towards the cooler side. The usage of the camera is straightforward and not a head-scratching task, fortunately, or unfortunately, because Pixel 2 does not provide any camera modes.The f/1.8 aperture and 1.4 um lens, Pixel 2 excels at camera.

The front 8-megapixel sensor is equally good, and portrait selfies look great even under dim light, or under the artificial lighting.

Video recording is available at 4K maximum but sadly, at only 30fps. The stabilization of the recording is improved greatly from the first Pixel, due to the OIS. When shooting under bright sunlight, colors can become oversaturated, but the details are very good. However, there is a bit of unavoidable noise in low light videos, just like that encountered with the first Pixel.

Google is confident about its processing tricks and is way forward, and on seeing the results, it’s hard to argue. Shots taken with Auto-HDR+ enabled display some of the immeasurable dynamic range. You’ll have a pleasant contrast between the lightest and darkest parts of the photo. It is particularly noticeable in landscape shots, where you want that feeling of depth and scale. Auto-HDR+ also levels out exposure, guaranteeing a bright sky doesn’t blow-out the picture.

With the same dual sensor setup, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 follows the same norm of keeping the image sharp by blurring the background in the portrait mode. The Auto-focus sensor plays the game here. Although the blur feature has been acquired by many smartphones, Pixels does the same with user's least interference and experiments. Hence beats everyone here including Huawei, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The not so great sounding 8MP front camera also gives surprising and wonderful results.


With Qualcomm’s older Snapdragon 835 CPU, Pixel 2 fails to show its wonders here. With just 4 GB of Ram, it may be difficult for Google to carry on with this model long in the market because most of the contemporary phone have 6-8 GB RAM space and Snapdragon 835 CPU. However, with real-world use, the Pixel 2 is found to be more than powerful enough for everything from web browsing to gaming. Hangs, slow response and time-consuming setups, etc. were something expected but never faced.

Pixel 2 leaves everyone dumbstruck by its excellent multi-task handling ability without any slow-down or complete block due to large RAM consumption. The device is powered by an Octa-core (2.45 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 280 + 1.9 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 280) Snapdragon 835 processor. The rear and the front snappersare powered by the CMOS image sensor. Pixel 2 is featured with many other sensors like a Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Barometer, Compass, Gyroscope.

Google Pixel 2 users were lucky enough as they grabbed the opportunity to use the latest Android version, Oreo. If you are one of them, be ready to be luckier and enjoy the Android P as well before others in future. Yes, Pixel 2 always keep its users updated with best and latest versions of the android. However, Pixel 2 will be priorly running on Android Oreo, and if the update is available, you can switch to the next.Pixel 2 boot time is about ten seconds long; Google bashed the era of waiting for the device to restart and bear those 6-8 minutes experienced on Google’s Nexus 6 phone four years ago by bringing in this. Back then, the phone’s camera was bad too. Times have changed for Google phones with Pixel 2.

Battery and charging

Pixel 2 packs an average 2700 mAh battery, which is not very impressive especially when you are spending around 61K+ rupees. Although as already mentioned, frequent charging is not necessary to work for full day with less RAM usage. When brightness is at the highest level, the battery drops straight to 80-85 %, if initially, it was full. Not very disappointing, but not very exciting either. On heavy usage(8 hours of intensive use ), you can save up to 20% battery at the end of the day. And on moderate usage, you can extend this up to 60% or so. It is but observed that after six months, the phone deteriorates in its battery performance. Playing games with high graphics may cause a straight drop of the battery by 15% within 20 minutes. It is not what Android gamers would love to know after spending a good amount of bucks. Games that captures almost 70% of RAM may result in high drainage of battery or may lead to excessive heating.

There are, however, many tricks and options to save power. The power saving mode by android can be enabled when and wherever is required from the notification bar. Apart from the battery saver, there is also a mode which turns of high-drain features. However, you won’t be able to have access to all Pixel 2 elements in this mode, especially which are responsible for more battery drainage.

Coming to charging, Pixel 2 has got a ‘Rapid charging’ feature. And it abides by the name showing results on using the same USB- C charger provided. From 0% to full, Pixel 2 requires about only 1hr 10 mins or less. The time consumed by charging is exponentially related to the current battery percentage. And the slop of current percent to the time required was found to be better than the iPhone 8 as well.

Google Pixel 2 attains its first 18% of battery power in just about 10 minutes, but within 5 minutes after that, 31% is acquired impressively and is enough for the whole day if you do not use much or if you wish to extend, you have the battery saver option. 40% is reached in just about 25 minutes. As the phone starts gaining the battery percentage, the time consumed shortens. The last 20% requires only 8 minutes or so.

Google uses USB-C Power Delivery (PD), an industry standard, which very quick significantly so when using the phone at the same time, but a match for Quick Charge. There is no wireless charging feature.

When the battery drains out thoroughly, and you set it on charging, you need to wait for a while so that the phone can restart to see the charge percent gained. The drawback is that there is no way to see the battery percentage when the phone is in charge but is switched OFF.

Hard Cases for Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 Covers and Cases

We have all our beautiful designs for back covers of Pixel 2.

Google Pixel 2 is one of the best phones in its price range but has its share of drawbacks and is most of the time compared to Pixel 2 XL. However, the phone has got a great camera, and this is where Google outshines and covers up all shortcomings. With no audio jack, dual sim feature, a slot for an SD card, Pixel 2 seems to be overpriced. Many 64 GB 5.5” inch display smartphones are available at half of the price in the market and functioning well. The volume button though is easily reachable by thumbs is found to be very tactful to be frequently accessed. Pixel 2 became a matter of gossip when intensive heating issues were faced by the users when kept their phones on charge. The latest Android 8.1 version could also not solve the problem. The appearance of the phone, both regarding body design and the display screen is also not very significant. The Aluminium body claims to be dust free and water resistant with two years of warranty.

Not much explanation is needed for Pixel 2 is overpriced. Nevertheless, the price is expected to go down on arrival of Pixel 3 in the market. It is likely to hit in October 2018 with enhanced features.However, if you are a Pixel fan and is confused between Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, go for Pixel 2 because there is not much different other the display and price.

So why Pixel 2 even after so many drawbacks, is still hogging the market and that too successfully?. The reason is simple, while other phones often jump over themselves trying to overload their phones with new features, Google adds ones which you find natural and feel just right. Plus, Google handsets perpetually get software updates and new versions of Android first as said earlier Google smartphone users have the upper hand over here.

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