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When we look at the Zenfone series of smartphones, we find out that they have the best hardware and even in terms of price, it is impressive. Right from last year, we found out how Zenfone 5Z was in terms of the price point and the hardware as well. However, 6Z performs much better than its predecessors have. The hardware is so powerful, with a flip-up camera and the original design is there. All these comes with a friendly price off $499 just as 5Z. Asus Company brought up a device that we all needed the beauty of the device, and the workability is impressive. This is enough competition for all other smartphones in the market right now. 6Z is the best smartphone and of course, that comes with the best design ever.We take into account form with function, thus each Mobile Phone Covers will not only provide you ultimate all around protection to your Asus 6Z but also add boatload of style to your phone. It has incredible minimal bezels with a light curve of the back and of course, two unique color options. We have the black colored version that has blue accent absorbance. This alone is enough to kick all other smartphones from the market. In terms of the weight of this gadget, 6Z surprisingly weighs 190g, with its tall frame. This is amazing. It is so light and thus gives a perfect taste. Moreover, we expect this smartphone to be an OLED, but surprisingly, it is not. 6Z comes with an LCD. The Liquid Crystal Display; a feature that is mostly meant for laptops and desktop machines. This time around it is even in the Asus smartphones. It has a good experience right from the colors popping and the brightness superb. Hence, everyone ought to choose this smartphone; The 6Z.

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When touching and clicking the smartphone, the buttons are satisfying. The keys are smart and soft since you only press the keys once. The volume rocker is also there giving the smartphone a complete look. However, the Smart Key has a task of activating and interacting with the Assistant. When you click once, the Assistant comes to normality and then, when clicked twice, your update is displayed and when long-held a continuous speaking mode is activated as soon as you let the key off. The system actions can also be custom-made for camera opening and putting the flashlight on.On the other side, we look at what is in the box. Here, we will find a SIM tool, the earbuds of course with added tips, a charging brick of QC4.0, the type A USB cable and the standard type C cable plus the manuals.Are you looking for a gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, BFF or BAE? A Blackbora's back case would be an amazing gift for them which would definitely bring smile to their face. :)

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Asus 6Z has a 6.4-inch display plus an IPS LCD, which of course many smartphones do not have. Even though the device does not display a QHD+ OLED, 6Z still with the FHD+ IPS LCD it is vibrant. The pictures showed there are so crystal and displayed to the most profound detail. When in darkness, the automatic feature on the screen enables the screen to be dim so that it cannot blind you. How about when it is in direct sunlight? The device is also capable of being bright enough to be accessed. When we try looking at the size of this screen, it appears so full. This is because it is not just like other smartphones that we know which have a display of 6 inches. This one is 6.4 inches wide. It assures us of proper display and comfortability in viewing stuff on the screen. During operation of the screen, the display is punchy and appealing. Therefore, there is no reason for going for another phone yet we know 6Z is the best in the display. The Asus Company has always produced machines with a good camera for a long time. The reason why the Zenfone series of smartphones has been shining all along. Right from Zenfone5Zto 6Z, the camera has been superb. The incredible feature of this device is the fact that it has a flip-up camera. Something that many people admire. Its dynamic range and the reproduction of the right color makes the device go more than the expectations. This is because of the 48 megapixels powerful camera.When you place an order for Asus 6Z covers and cases Online on Blackbora, we would make sure to deliver you the cover between 4-7 business days depending upon the pin code.

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The 6Z has this excellent operating memory; the Random Access Memory. This helps the device run with convenience and not at any point can the device lag. When we try comparing 6Z and other devices, this one has a bigger RAM. Thus, it is best to go by. This time, we ought to look at the battery life of the fantastic device. At 5000 mAh the device can store energy for a very long time. I tried walking with the device for the whole day and found out that it only had lost 45 percent power. The battery is reliable and sustainable. There are very many advantages that make me choose this device over others. For instance, A fingerprint sensor is one of the best security features that a high-end phone possesses. However, 6Z is one device that is incorporated with the fingerprint sensor. This means that the device is so secure. This allows the privacy of the user and ensures that the data of the user is safely guarded. It is logical that no one has the same fingerprint as someone else. Therefore, it only needs one person to open the device. The device also has incredible storage. The 64 GB storage is enough to work hand in hand with the 6 to 8 GB RAM that the device has for efficiency. Surprisingly, the storage is expandable from 64 to 128 and even 256 GB. This enables the user to stick to the device since the storage is sorted. Everyone would want a device that has enough and sufficient storage. Many phones that we come across nowadays do not have a compelling camera. They all have that same capability off shooting at 12 to 20 megapixels. However, there is a camera that comes with 6Z. A camera that is worth it; a 48 megapixels camera. This alone tells us how powerful the camera is and the device itself. We do not have to go for studio photo sessions whereas there is this fantastic phone. When we try looking at this device, its workability is that of a high-end smartphone. That is right from the software to the camera power, to the battery life, to the display. However, it only cost $499. A price that is so standard and which can fit most of our pockets. This phone is the best.Usually, all that is good also has its drawbacks. We cannot say that the device is perfect since human makes it. The disadvantages are as follows, When we try comparing this phone with other phones, 6Z does not have wireless charging. A feature that many smartphones that are cheaper than it has. It still charges with a USB charger. A Panda Designed Phone Case will express your love for super cute and super lazy Pandas.This is one thing that makes many customers no to buy such a phone. Because of its screen. The screen is vulnerable since it does not have a gorilla protector. If by any chance the device falls off it will break the screen so badly. This is disappointing.The device above has all that it takes to be the best phone. It has the best features and the most convenient and reliable.


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