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The Apple iPhone 7 is a smartphone product of popular Apple Inc. This phone is Apple’s low-cost iPhone. The iPhone 7 comes with impressive improvements to its name, namely the improved water resistant feature, a good camera, glossy black colour, fast processing speed and a no headphone jack. The iPhone 7 launched in India on 7 October 2016 and is the predecessor to the iPhone 8 and 8 plus of 2017. We take into account form with function, thus each back cover will not only provide you ultimate all around protection to your Apple iPhone 7 but also add boatload of style to your phone. We have over 300 designer back cases and covers for Apple iPhone 7, designed with love by designers from all around the world. A Panda Designed Phone Case will express your love for super cute and super lazy Pandas.

Features of the Apple iPhone 7 Smartphone

Every year for the last decade, Apple Inc. has made the choice of smartphone selection close to impossible. Before a user gets enough of an iPhone 7, Apple has just launched another. iPhones are never the same in features, there is always an improvement, a tweak or a newness added to it. Knowing the features is important in selecting a new iPhone. Below are some of the feature that the iPhone comes with:

  1. iPhone 7 Design and Appearance

The iPhone 7 retains predecessor size of 4.7 inches display. Apple continues to maintain a bigger display size a competition to most of its peers like the Samsung and HTC phones.

The iPhone weighs about 138 grammes. This is quite a light option. Apple iPhone 7 does not come with antenna bands and therefore lacks the long space usually at the back. In its place, the iPhone 7 has created a sleeker and glossy finish with colours ranging from Silver, Matte Black, Rose Gold and Gold. At the back is a dual camera setup that actually leads to the slight protrusion.

The iPhone 7 has gotten rid of the usual headphone jack at its bottom. In its place is the second set of two speaker holes. The first one is for microphone connection whilst the second one is designed to be similar to the right side of an iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 is designed with seals and adhesive methods that make it dust and water resistant.  The iPhone 7 last under a one-meter depth of water for up to 30 minutes. It can also withstand accidental splashes of water, salty water and coffee beside the fact that the user needs to ensure they keep their smartphone away from water and dust.

  1. Apple iPhone 7 Display and Screen Capabilities

The iPhone screen display is brighter than its predecessor the iPhone 6S by up to 25 per cent.  This means the iPhone 7 can be comfortably used outdoors or in full light. The display is a fair 1134 by 750 giving it a pixel per inch of 326. The display is also made of a colour management feature customizable to produce more colour-saturated images.

The iPhone 7 not only exhibits a high colour accuracy but also boasts peak brightness, a high contrast rating and a lesser screen reflectance and an impressive 3D touch. This expanded touch feature allows for multiple pinches, swipes, and taps.


  1. iPhone 7 New Home Button

Unlike other iPhone versions, the iPhone 7 comes with a non-physical home button. The iPhone 7 home button is made of haptic technology. On touching the home button, termed the solid-state button the haptic engine copies the user’s button that issues required command. The feature is also available in the latest Apple computer, the MacBook.

Once the user has triggered command by touching the solid-state button, the user gets haptic vibrations a system response of the iPhone 7.  Such a response is usually common in the case one an ApplePay transaction is successful or screen unlocking.

The user chooses the level of feedback they prefer. The levels of feedback range from light to powerful vibrations.  The home button functions through skin contact or a selected type of capacitive gloves.

  1. Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor

A common feature in iPhones is the fingerprint sensor for additional phone security. Touch ID replaces the need for passwords and personal identification numbers (PINS). The sensor is located on the solid-state new iPhone 7 home button. The iPhone 7 uses the second-generation Touch ID technology, which is fast in speed as that of an iPhone 6S.

  1. iPhone 6 A10 Processor

The A10 processor is the best iOS processing chip. The A10 Fusion is made of a four-core CPU making the fastest ever of devices dimmed as its peers. The A10 is thin and workers up to 40 per cent faster than an A9 chip in the predecessor iPhone 6 and twice iPhone 6’s A8 chip. Most important two of its cores working at a hugely impressive speed is not power intensive and saves on your battery power. The cores work simultaneous changing roles amongst them depending on the density programme or app. In the case the iPhone is running a power intensive programme, it uses the high-performance cores. An Apple created controller helps ensure optimum performance manages the performance cores.

  1. 1960mAH Battery Life

The iPhone 7 boasts a battery capacity of 1960mAH, unlike its predecessor iPhone 6S. Quite an impressive feat. Apple Inc. might have known the misdoings of the Apple iPhone 6. The iPhone A10 together with the Apple created controller saves the iPhone 7 an extra two hours. This has additionally provided a better battery life for the iPhone something many users enjoy. Apple’s metrics show that the iPhone 7 is improved for a real-world user but there are still power threats in the cases of audio playbacks and a lot of talk time.

  1. Camera-Image Stabilization, 12 MP Speed-Sensor, Image Signal Processor

The iPhone 7 camera is a huge development. The images are now vivid, brighter in all kinds of light exposure.  The iPhone has been fitted with image stabilization supported by longer exposure times to reduce on produce better images even in shaky situations. The exposure time is actually three times better than of n iPhone 6S.


For fast camera performance, the iPhone 7 is fitted with a 12-megapixel speed sensor up to 60 per cent better and efficient 30 per cent more than its predecessor. The camera is fitted with a signal processor that sets focus, exposure and white balance that makes the images taken to appear real. Apple Inc. has worked on its noise reduction; tone mapping and can do 100 billion operations in 25 milliseconds to take a photo.

The iPhone 7 camera is also made of a four-LED flash in its rear that reaches 50 per cent more and provides the 50 per cent more light. The light together with a flicker sensor provides the camera with more light to get the best image.

  1. LTE chips network

The use of LTE technology and bands allow its use across most networks in the world. LTE speeds up iPhone data transfers up to 450 megabytes per second. LTE supports GSM and CDMA technologies. GSM works like WI-FI and enables network connection speeds of up to 866 megabytes per second.


Apple iPhone 7 Pros and Cons

  1. a) Pros
  2. Water and dustproof

The iPhone 7 is made using adhesive technologies and techniques that prevent the phone from damage by dust and water. This is an important feature for such a good and pricey phone.

  1. Classy colour options

The iPhone 7 is made of attractive colours ranging from Gold, Rose Gold, Matte Black, Silver and a jet black for the 128 and 256 GB versions.

  1. Improved Security

The iPhone uses the second-generation Touch ID sensor for fingerprint scanning. This technology available in the iPhone’s new home button termed the solid-state button, which works twice as fast as the predecessor the iPhone 7 does.

  1. Fast Processing Speed

The iPhone 7 A10 is made up of four high-performance cores. The A10 fusion processor together with a 64-bit architecture is faster up to 20 per cent than the iPhone 6S and is less power intensive up to 40 per cent effective. 

  1. Good images quality

The iPhone 7 is at 12 megapixels and has image signal sensors. The camera is made of an image stabilization feature for shake instances when taking photos. The camera with the help image signal sensors can fir more signals in the sensor resulting in less noise produced and images that are more real.

  1. Noise cancellation ability

The iPhone 7 is fitted with a 3.5 mm jack for microphone connection. The jack is also important for noise cancellation.

  1. More messaging options

The iPhone 7 comes with multiple messaging modes namely the email and push email, the iMessage, SMS and MMS. The phone also comes with a Brower HTML5 that can offer natural language commands and dictations for audio or media messaging.

  1. Better battery life

The iPhone 7 comes with a non-removable battery with a capacity of 1960mAH. The phones' processor with the help of Apple made controller is able to divide the four cores in CPU across programmes depending on intensity reduce on power loss and lagging. The phone offers an extra two hours unlike its predecessor this can cross through a day until late.

  1. b) Cons
  2. Non-expandable memory

The iPhone 7 does not come with an expandable storage slot. The iPhone 7 highest level of storage is an impressive 256 GB. This quite high for a phone. It can actually store more than you own personally in addition to Apples iCloud storage facility.

  1. Lack of a temperature sensor

The iPhone 7  cannot tell whether the temperature of environments is ambient for the phone. Even so, most of the smartphones got rid of their own temperature sensors. Reason being a smartphone sensor was not seen as required or due to not being able to accurately give temperature measurement.Buying Designer Apple iPhone 7 covers online has never been so easy, we have a 4 step checkout process that would help you easily place your order and we would handle the rest.

  1. Third Party Shipping

Today Apple ships products through third parties. Getting genuine products like a charger will require one to visit an Apple shop. The other challenge is the issues that come from upgrades. Ability to find some features in the settings is a big problem. 

  1. Improved keyboard

The keyboard could be an issue for other users. One cannot be able to tell what happens the caps feature, or whether one needs to use the shift key to capitalize some characters.

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Apple iPhone 7 Price in India goes from Rs. 46,470. To get an iPhone 7 one can visit online eCommerce platforms, most famous in India is the Flipkart, Croma, TataCliQ, and Amazon India ( The prices of the smartphones will vary with respect to sales stores and storage capacity with iPhone 7 existing as from 32 GB, 128 GB to 256 GB.

Customer Reviews
  • A customer Desh believes the iPhone 7 is a better phone. He praises the iPhone 7’s home button famously the solid-state button. He believes the button is much better than the typical home button. Desh also praises the main camera for its ability to take photos in low light regions and its ability to allow in more light for perfect images. He has also not experienced a single lagging day with his phone even owning it for more than a year.


  • A customer Rajireddy, says he had to wait for eight months before giving a review of his phone. He says the phone is still freshly even after adding 30 apps more to the default apps. He still cannot believe the phone’s system still functions normally even after running an intensive app. Rajireddy went for the Jetblack colour variant and is to date astonished by the good appearance the phone comes with. He also has not experienced heating issues for the last 8 months. He also praises the crispy sound it produces with speakers, a sharper display and the 8-hour straight heavy battery usage on 4G.



  • A customer Rohini Prasadon has a problem with the heating. Rohini feels an iPhone is a perfect phone to experience any amounts of heating. The phone is disappointing and the user feels a change or return could come in handy.

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Apple iPhone 7 comes with a better battery capacity, 4 cores in CPU, the new home button, the optical image stabilizer are all good improvements. If I had an iPhone 6, which surprisingly has a lower battery capacity, I would go for the iPhone 7, which offers me an extra two hours on the phone, the good colour variants and a noise cancellation feature through its 3 mm jack. We have cases with amazing designs expressing the strength of women, which will be a perfect fit for women to express feminism without saying. These designs will be a perfect gift for a woman who is special in your life.Blackbora has best back covers for Apple iPhone 7 such that they are a fine balance between style, protection, thickness and impact resistance

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