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Apple iPhone 6 is a serious upgrade from the previous gen iPhone 5, not only does it look great and feels great to hold, but it’s a serious step forward in performance as well. We thus started manufacturing slim yet sturdy Apple iPhone 6 Covers as soon as the phone was launched. The Apple iPhone 6 is a product of the popular company Apple Inc. It is one of the most talked about in Apple’s history. Its CEO Tim Cook launched the Apple iPhone 6 in the September of 2015. Apple Inc. is not only its manufacturer but also its marketer. Prior to its launch, the Apple iPhone 6 had already earned itself quite a number of pre-orders to its name, people that believe in the Apple Inc. product and could not wait to use it. However, what is the Apple iPhone 6?Order Apple iPhone 6 Back Covers Online and avail the superb discounts Blackbora has to offer.When you place an order for Apple iPhone 6 covers and cases Online on Blackbora, we would make sure to deliver you the cover between 4-7 business days depending upon the pin code. A motivational quote or a funny quote can make your phone personalized to reflect your own personality while making a style statement.

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Apple Inc. products are the always evolving, each time they launch a new product, it is not only an improvement of the previous product but it also contains new features. These every time newness can blur device selection

The screen size is always the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind. The Apple iPhone 6 is the first to embrace a larger screen for smartphones. Apple is now a scare to most of its peers like the Android screen. Despite such size similarities the Apple still has must talk about features that can hugely impact the choice of your purchase as follows:

Design of iPhone 6

The change in screen size is definitely the first form of change that the Apple iPhone 6 has gone through. This phone shifts from the typical straight edge design. The iPhone 6 is shaped by the use of a full body metal that gives it the sleek touch it deserves not forgetting an edge-to-edge glass fitting. This is a slight similarity to that of smartphones like the Samsung.

The display of the iPhone 6 edge-to-edge glass design is an impressive 4.7 inch. There is actually no change in the phone’s width even with this alteration. The iPhone 6 is slim at about 6.9 mm.  The iPhone fits in your pockets perfectly supported by the slim bezels in its sides. Life just got easy as now anyone that did not go for apple due to the screen sizes is now grappling to have one.

The slimness means you can feel the protrusion at its rear with a ring to protect it from damage. Unlike the iPhone 5 lock and unlock display has shifted from the top the top right edge a common feature in recent smartphones.

1810mAH battery

The iPhone 6 battery is termed as just above the average. The iPhone can go for as longs as 14 hours of call a 3G network, an auto brightness on and a location access switched off.

On lesser usage or the standby mode, the iPhone 6 can go for a straight 6 days without charging, in this case, the location access and mobile data left on.

On heavy usage like phone calls, web browsing, social media usage and music playing the iPhone can last up to 12 hours, which is averagely the time you need it.

To keep its battery lasting for long, have it off when you do not need it so that you save on the need to charge and have it one on the need to use.

Iphone 6 OS and Usability

The Apple iPhone 6 runs on an iOS 8 and the user can manually update to 8.1.  For any first time, this could the easiest phone system to use. The iPhone 6 allows any user to place the widgets right where they want them. An interesting feature is the ability to start from where you left on another Apple device thanks to third-party keyboards like the handoff and continuity. Working on a project on your phone continues on Mac as long you have a shared iCloud account.

Unlike other smartphones, iPhone 6 OS allows for just a simple double-tap of the home button to bring down the screen. Quite easy when using a large screen and you need to reach other features.

The iPhone 6 is also fitted with the Apple A8 chip backed with a RAM of 1GB, a dual Cyclone ARMv8 processor that supports up to a 64-bit OS. Making an even stronger phone.

8MP iPhone 6 iSight Camera

This is a great improvement from that of the iPhone 5 as much as they have the same pixel per inch of 326. The iPhone 6 camera comes with a phase detect pixels useful in quick autofocus (AF) acquisition. This allows the user to capture fast moving objects. A simple screen hold for some time triggers the AF feature.  The same feature allows for the iSight taking pictures in bright light without the need to fear image shadows.

The images and texts of an iPhone 6 are sharp in appearance, crispy and detailed due to its Retina HD. The camera has a shatterproof glass and coating that prevents lenses from damage by fingerprints.

On usability of the camera, the user can shift from a simple photo shoot to a video shoot to a photo editing, focus lock or auto exposure by simply swiping left right. The iPhone 6’s is among the best in the market only not in speed capture but also good image quality in bright and low light regions.

Fast Fingerprint Scanner

Like its predecessor, the iPhone 6 allows for a fingerprint scanner. Most of the software, music an Apple device purchases are done via the Apple Pay. The quick fingerprint scanner allows quick account unlocks and payment authorizations. This payment is currently not available for cashless transfer in India.

Processor Speed, File Transfers and Storage Capability

The iPhone 6 CPU has a fast processor speed. The device can handle graphically heavy items, could be games, apps and software. The iPhone 6 is faster than its previous version the iPhone 5s, has a good call quality.

Media transfer on the iPhone is not quite easy, it will take a while to get to know how to go varied media to your device that is by deleting media and creating new playlists with help of its special iTunes app. With the help of a PC, one can easily sink apps, media and backup files on the iCloud (Apples cloud storage facility).

Blackbora Back Cases are a great solution for those who are looking premium designer covers on a budget that is not too heavy on their pockets for their Apple iPhone 6. Blackbora has best back covers for Apple iPhone 6 such that they are a fine balance between style, protection, thickness and impact resistance. These cases and covers are super easy to install i.e. they are neither too tight nor too loose, which means you do not have to remove it from Apple iPhone 6 to have access to connect charger or headphones or connect to other devices.

Network Support

The Apple iPhone 6 can be used in any country. This is possible because it allows for all frequency options including the 4G LTE. Any missing connectivity options can be accessed by online Apple Store purchases with the help of its Apple Pay cashless money platform.

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Perfect as any device can be, there are advantages and misdoings. The iPhone 6 is not an exception. The details of the pros and cons below enable you to be a wise chooser of the iPhone 6 as your best smartphone option.

iPhone 6 Pros

Good battery life

The iPhone 6 can last up to 60 hours of audio, 11 hours of video and 14 hours of straight browsing. At 1850mAH on normal usage, the battery can serve you throughout a day and last up to 6 days on standby mode with data and location access on.

Sleek touch

The iPhone 6 is made of curves; a feature Apple had left a while ago and moved almost right-angled edges. This time the curves are seamlessly done, made of cover glass, anodized aluminium body and is 2.7 inches thick; quite sleek providing you with a nice grip and light touch.

Larger display

The iPhone 6 embraces the large screen display on smartphones. The display offers a Retina HD display or a good resolution of every character that surface on its screen. This hugely depends on the user.

Fast processor speed

The iPhone 6 uses Apple’s A8 chip that can handle a 64-bit processor, which allows to a faster processing power of up to 25 per cent and heavy graphics handling speed that is up to 50 per cent. The iPhone 6 is one of the fastest.

Excellent camera, original and detailed images

The iPhone 6-iSight camera has an impressive 8 megapixels, a fast autofocus acquisition feature that can capture fast moving objects, a local tone mapping that magically reduces noise. The video camera operates in slow motion and provides image and video stabilization.

Good security and cashless payment features

The iPhone 6 allows for payment of products through its Apple Pay platform.  The payments are security guaranteed through the device’s fast fingerprint scanner. The iPhone 6 has NFC antennas that allow for the TouchID sensor whose TouchIB button on command can complete a transaction in an offline store.

iPhone 6 Cons

iPhone 6 is big

This time Apple went big at 4.7 inches. This simply means that to other users this could be a big screen. In the case, one is not a lover of phablets this cannot be your option.

iWatch is expensive

If you choose to go for the iWatch you might not need the iPhone 6 because it is quite expensive. The iWatch goes $399. Almost knocking down the price of the phone itself.

iPhone 6 Pricing and availability

Here is the big question; the iPhone 6 is available in many of the online and offline retail stores. The phone sales as from $199 for 16 GB, $299 for 64 GB and $ 399 for 128 GB.

Customer Reviews

  • Raman believes iPhone 6 provides a crispy screen size, impressive wireless speeds. He is impressed by the faster autofocus acquisition camera feature, a big storage option of up to 128 GB depending on the phone. He praises the impressive iOS speeds and ease of use not forgetting the Apply pay features, which he terms smooth and secure.

He terms the downside being the bad battery life. He compares it to the previous version the iPhone 5S. He also feels a lot of space was wasted on screen and could have been put into the housing itself.

He still recommends the purchase of the phone, its sleekness, fastness, excellent OS but warns on the battery life.

  • A customer Fisher reviewed the phone after a month’s use. He says that the phone is sometimes slow in the case one needs to move something on the screen. He resorts to selling it because the phone failed to connect with his Bluetooth speakers.
  • A customer Koles believes it was good for 5 years ago. He believes the world of smartphones has evolved and that there are phones with better features out there. Koles terms the phone as his daily driver and that annoyed in a number of aspects, calling it is not so perfect for its price.
  • A customer Evaldas owned the iPhone 6 for 3 months before review. He feels the iOS is less good than that of an android. The fingerprint feature did not work well with Evaldas as he had to check print 5 to 6 times to be authorized. He also thinks that the phone does not need the volume down button if one actually reduce the volume in less than a second with the up and down button. On the upside, Evaldas found it easy to uninstall apps. Calls it the best feature but cumbersome to uninstall apps one cannot use but are still on the phone.
  • A customer Vendetta before buying the iPhone 6 has the iPhone 5S and was impressed that the phone did not lag. He felt a fix of the battery would be important. Moreover, he thinks that the iPhone 6 has a better build. He is a big fan of iPhone and mostly OS and is satisfied with using Apple products.

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Apple iPhone 6 is generally a phone of any simple person. The iPhone 6 speed is a processor I have not been in contact with for some time. The autofocus feature is mind-blowing for those who prefer moving object images.

The storage is huge at a high end of 128 GB what can one this space for, I cannot really stop thinking about I don’t think it actually needs an expansion slot.

The battery is quite a letdown, if Apple can do anything about, it could still earn some sales from it. Maybe even accompany the packaging with a power bank just in case one needs to have it charged.

I still recommend this phone for anyone who can use it personal issues and send business email due to its speed. It has such an impressive speed.

Each of the Blackbora Apple iPhone 6 cover is made up of hard polycarbonate which is neither too thick, nor too  thin, ensuring amazing grip with superior protection. The Apple iPhone 6 cases will also protect the phone from scratches and dents while not sacrificing on the user experience of the phone by adding unnecessary bulk. All our back cases have precision cut-outs which ensure that you have access to all the ports, buttons and cameras on Apple iPhone 6 without any hindrance.

We at Blackbora offer Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer on our phones covers and Apple iPhone 6 Covers are no different.

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