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When it comes to the new iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple really seemed to have pulled out all the stops where the specifications are concerned.And we’re pretty sure that there’s going to be plenty more to discover, once we start taking a closer look at things. Here’s what you can find on the very latest offerings from iPhone.Each of the Blackbora iPhone pro max covers online is made up of hard polycarbonate which is neither too thick, nor too thin, ensuring amazing grip with superior protection.

Pros: Triple camera setup, tougher glass shells, the new A13 Bionic Processor, the new Super Retina XDR screen

Cons:No 5G connection as of yet, no bilateral charging, device is still on the bigger side

In our very humble opinion, it looks like Apple has upgraded last years iPhone XS Max and has now brought us the iPhone 11 Pro – and where the name is concerned, they’ve ditched the Roman numerals. So the devices have changed, but is it with upgrading to the new 11 device. We’ll get down to that. We used the new iPhone 11 Pro Max – this is the bigger version – the smaller one is simply called the iPhone 11 Pro, and here’s what we discovered. Similarities in the iPhone 11 Pro and the Pro Max. The biggest selling point is the third generation neural engine processor that is the same on all of the device variants, so one gets that quality performance and speed as guaranteed by Apple no matter what device they buy. You’ll be happy to know that the 3D Touch feature on the display is gone. Many iPhone users described how it got in the way of connecting their phones to networks, wasn’t supported by lots of apps and has been completely replaced by Haptic Touch for better screen feedback – also present on the display is a wider colour gamut and Apple’s True Tone technology. Storage options are the same and include a  64GB, 256GB and 512GB variants;it looks like what’s on board is more than enough and we’ll doubt you’ll be needing anything more. Still, the option for an SD card is missing.

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And finally, you have the all new, revamped iOS 13. This new OS comes with minor adjustments that make a world of difference when using the phone, actually improving on its functionality, its got machine learning AI/VR/AR features on the cameras,maps and emojis. There is now this Dark Mode too that’s very similar to the Night Mode feature in Android, and comes complete with its own wallpapers and themes too. For 2019, all of the iPhone devices come with a much better front camera that offers a 12 MP lens, next generation Smart HDR for enhanced Portrait Mode, portrait lighting and photos.The final noteworthy feature is the Face ID, that can capture and recognise your face from all angles. The design profile on all three new devices is the same, with the notch on top and the only major differences are the rear and the materials of choice. The Pro models have been made out of stainless steel and textured matte glass, while the iPhone 11 is made out of standard glass and aluminium. Blackbora has best back covers for iPhone pro max such that they are a fine balance between style, protection, thickness and impact resistance

  • Introduction of a new midnight green colour
  • Water resistance of IP68 that protects the device up to four meters, up to thirty minutes
  • Three cameras and a new camera housing on the back

Design wise, the iPhone 11 Max is similar to the iPhone XS Max that it is replacing, the only difference now is the addition of an extra camera lens on the back, and a frosted glass finish that is matte. Also, on the back, you will find the other big change which is the new cameras panel. This is a square as opposed top the strips being seen on other phones. Apple has done something different here by placing the lenses in a triangle formation, the sensor and LED flash on this same panel, under the lenses. The glass coating placed on the back is tougher to 1P 68 meaning that the device can withstand water upto 4 meters for 30 minutes. On the front, you have the new OLED Super Retina XDR screen in 6.5 inches, and the same notch found on the iPhone XS and X models. The Pro Max comes in the four colours of gold, sliver, midnight green and space grey.The odd part is that the matte finish doesn’t make the device look big and cumbersome though; but it is as big as the XS Max. The Pro Max has the biggest screen ever made by Apple, at 6.5 inches. They have held onto the technology that really makes the screen outstanding like the True Tone, but on top of that they’ve beefed it up with 1200 nits brightness. And this is really all you’ll need for exceptional HDR video playback, complete with the 2 million to one contrast ratio – and that’s actually twice as better as the iPhone XS Max.

  • 800 nit typical brightness with a maximum of 1200 nit brightness
  • 2688x 1242 pixel resolution of 458 ppi
  • 6.5 inch OLED screen.

This new display size and all of the new technology that comes with it delivers on two things – one, is that you now have  better battery life as the screen is more efficient now. And two, there is no more 3D Touch to disrupt the viewing. Users think that its for the better that it’s now got Haptic Touch instead.These cases and covers are super easy to install i.e. they are neither too tight nor too loose, which means you do not have to remove it from iPhone pro max to have access to connect charger or headphones or connect to other devices.

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This year we have an upgrade to the A13 Bionic processor – and this, combined with the GPU means that the handset can easily manage video editing, game play, image processing – often all at once if you happen to be multitasking.

  • Introduction of the A13 Bionic processor
  • 18W fast charger in the box
  • Support for Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio
  • No 5G
  • Better battery life of five hours when compared with the XS Max

This time around the same processor has been fitted on all devices unlike previously – and in fact, the specifications on the Pro 11 and the Pro 11 Max are all the same, save for the display size and the battery. But obviously, with the bigger model it is all about the larger screen, a good battery, in addition to the benefits it already has. Form what we’ve seen so far, there is also the fast charging, as present on the iPhone XS but this time Apple has thrown in an 18W charger as well. One let down is the lack of the 5G feature, that many fans had expected as Apple loves outdoing itself and apparently the entire smartphone market. It was also something that network providers were hoping for also because 5G is still new and many experts feel that they could’ve used Apple’s front-runner expertise to fine-tune existing networks that they have in place. Is it possible that we might see it on the iPhone 12? Let’s leave this bit out for now! Like the smaller Pro 11 version, the Pro 11 Max has been cut out for intense photography and has three lenses that make that possible.You now have the 12 MP regular, the 12 MP telephoto and the 12 MP ultra wide lens on the back that has a .5x, 1x and the 2X optical zoom on all three lenses. In regular photography terms, that’s the 26 mm standard, 52 mm tele and the 12mm wide, that you can adjust using this slider graphic element given on the right hand side of view finder.

  • Triple camera system
  • Night Mode
  • Front camera upgraded
  • New ultra wide lens

The step up here is the ultra wide camera that lets you get in even more of the image into the frame at the flick of a button instead of needing to step back physically. It’s been seen on other phones too and is now on the iPhone. To help you out with that, is the redesigned camera app that shows you what you’re taking a photo of, and the view finder always gives you this ultra wide preview of that image as being processed by the ultra wide lens. You can switch between either of the three lenses just by swiping the zoom toggle. Since they’ve introduced the Night Mode, the system can adjust itself when its in this mode for when taking images at night. Where videos are concerned, you can shoot up to 4K 60 FPS with HDR support with the new video editing features on the iOS 13. This includes the addition of a new SF Camera font to gave the camera app a professional look and feel. Batteries have been claimed to have been improved but Apple doesn’t mention what, where and how that’s been done, or specific capacities. They do say that the iPhone 11 Pro lasts for 18 hours while the Pro Max lasts for 20 hours. All Pro models havefast charging, an 18W fast charger, wireless charging but no reverse wireless charging. We have over 300 designer back cases and covers for iPhone pro max, designed with love by designers from all around the world.

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The Pro Max is the best in class of all of the iPhone devices released yet, smoothened out with essential features that make this device even better. Everything on it – from software to the design looks great. They’re obviously upgrades to the iPhone XS and XS Max of last year, the big plus point this year is the camera system and bold, new upgrades on the previous sensors, along with a third, ultra wide camera that offers you a 120 degree depth of field. The phones look and feel better too, and that all has to do with the clever introduction of the matte finish on the back.We prefer this as it tends to look a little less gaudy, but we do have to say that it is very slippery rather than glossy. Apple says that this glass coating is more durable, so that we like as well as it makes sense when you use the phone on a daily basis. We also like how its an entire piece with no breaks, or seams on the camera bump or anywhere else. Coming back to that camera bump, we have to say that its big. We saw a lot of other reviews describing how clumsy this aspect of the design profile looked. Yeah, it is big to a point where its noticeable but not to point where using the phone becomes a nightmare to use.The slim fit cases for iPhone pro max are made from thermally solidified durable polycarbonate material which are abrasion and impact resistant. Apple designed all of the lenses in a way that they don’t cover the glass panel on the back. The only problem is that a lot of care is required when using the phone, but everybody uses cases anyway, so that will definitely help out. Anyway, since this new camera’s been said and done,the new software and hardware behind it have brought the iPhone cameras up to speed with the rest of the industry, and might even be surpassing it, at this point. For example, devices like the Huaweo P30 Pro, LG V50, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Samsung Galaxy S10, already have similar three lens cameras offerings, so its nice that the iPhone is now at par with them, and can even capture much more too. The ultra wide lens complements all photos taken with the telephoto and standard lenses, and add versatility by capturing bigger landscapes with amazing breadth, while offering 2x optical zoom fora higher level of detail in close ups. The cameras work with the new Night Mode feature, where it turns on automatically and can even compilea series of images captured at varying exposures, so that it can optimise the final product, by reducing the amount of blur, or motion in them. The other software boost is Deep Fusion,this works by using a collection of images and then uses them to compose a single shot by dedicating a pixel to pixel analysis to filter out all of the colouring offsets and exquisite detail in low light images – all powered by the Neural Processing Unit. What is an issue here is that this feature is sill in development and will only be made available later on as a software update – and hopefully to other iPhone devices as well. We have no doubt about the performance of all of these features, as Apple has always managed to do impressive work when it comes to HDR and image processing settings and in this respect might prove to be one of the best cameras yet – even with the Google Pixel 4 around the corner.

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