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Its officially here, its officially powerful. Apple has a ‘Pro’ series of gadgets already, such as the MacBook Pro and the iPad Pro. They’re called so because of the they’ve been designed for people who want the best specifications – and are prepared to pay for it. Fast forward to 2019 -of course, now you’ve got the iPhone 11 now and its a Pro too. This iPhone 11 Pro might be just 5.8 inches small but is an incredible gadget with extra special specifications. For one, the phone has been fitted with the Super Retina XDR screen that we think is the best and brightest one yet. The device has also been equipped with the new Apple A13 Bionic chipset, that is much faster and efficient when placed against all of their previous processors. Apple even has faith that the A13 is the most powerful processor in the market yet, and its possible that this claim might be when considering how fast last years chip was. As promised, a battery boost has been added as well – and now one can enjoy four to five extra hours of life on the device. But the processors, the screen however great they might be, are just the starters when compared to the main dish – the cameras. What to look for ward to

Display > 5.8 inches

Cameras > Dual 12 MP Wide Angle and telephoto cameras

Battery life >Upto 12 hours internet use and 14 hours playback video

The new device has a lot of the design aspects of the iPhone XS, but you can say that its a bit more refined, or upgraded if you want to put it that way. You still have the 5.8 inches OLED screen, but obviously with better contrast and brightness and this has been encased in polished surgical -grade stainless steel chassis with a glass back. This rear glass back panel has a tough coating for protection against water, cracks, dust and minimal damages etc. The only difference that it has now is the rear camera,and a non-reflective matter finish. And yes, there’s the actual addition of a second camera. In fact, this  is a huge part of the design language and it even protrudes just a bit off the back of the devices, and they even come with their own lens frame too. The iPhone 11 Pro – that the smaller one -comes in six different new colours and are a break from the usual ‘staid and plaid’ colour formats seen on the earlier iPhone devices. So now you’ve got the white, black, yellow, purple, green and Product Red – and it’s called Product Red because this device is made especially to support a charitable organisation that fights for AIDS/HIV. The yellow variant is a little less bright than the iPhone XR, but its the green that the most notable one yet. The purple one look more like its lilac, the white one’s a lot like cream – in facts the colours are less punchy as the devices have to run the wireless charging feature.The iPhone 11 Pro goes onto the global market with a price tags of $699 and 720 pounds for the 64 GB model. Many are saying how this is a rather new, polarising feel, with lots of bold lines and new lens configurations too – you’ll either love it or hate it – but you’ll still have six options to choose from, so no pressure there. We take into account form with function, thus each Stylish mobile covers online shopping will not only provide you ultimate all around protection to your iphone 11 pro but also add boatload of style to your phone. 

Pros: new muted colours, upgraded camera lens and software, vibrant stronger screen

Cons: a bit bulky unlike last years model, similar design profile


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The screen is about the same size as that of the iPhone XS, but obviously upgraded with True Tone, wide colour gamut, 1200 nits peak brightness for better HDR video playback and a 2 million to 1 contrast ratio with a 2436x1125 resolution In fact, all of this even made Apple rename the screen to the ‘Super Retina XDR’ – and because of this new screen one can now have better battery back up too. When combined with the new processor, the viewing performance is exceptional and even lacks that much disputed, or hated 3D Touch. 3D Touch was a display feature that turned out to be one of Apple’s flop shows. Beginning with the fact that it wasn’t supported by lots of developers to the point where its even been removed from the iPhone XR as well, and in the new device has been replaced with the Haptic Touch. So this means that on both of these devices, you can now long press the settings icon, choose Wi-Fi networks, connected Bluetooth devices – adding greater functionality to the phones. The big ‘X-Factor’ on all of the new devices are the cameras. The bigger, heavier-specked Pro devices have three of them. The iPhone 11 Pro has just two; these are the 12 MP setup with telephoto lens having a f/2.0. aperture, and the 12 MP Ultra-Wide and Wide camera having a f/2.4 and f/1.8 aperture respectively. The features include the Night Mode, Portrait Mode, and Auto Adjustments. This gives you greater creativity over the shots being produced where you can add filters like advanced Bokeh, depth control, portrait lighting and Smart HDR. The software is also capable of 2x Optical Zoom in and out, and a 10X Digital Zoom – and with that you get OIS too. Operating the iOS13, the photos you take will be changed as well. Each OS upgrade beings with a handful of redesigned apps and on the 11 Pro, the cameras images are no boosted with machine learning improvements or overhaul. For one, there is this default screen that organise all your captured media according to years, days or months – but there have been some additions here too. When browsing through the images, you’ll see that they’ve been sorted based on events, locations and might even label events based on the attraction instead of the venue.So instead of a confusing geo tag, those pictures you took at a concert will be marked by who was performing at that concert.The iOS 13 makes contextual improvements in the ‘year’ layout as well. The claim being made is that the iPhone 11 Pro can last for 18 hours but Apple hasn’t mentioned anything specific. They have added Wireless Charging, but not Reverse Wireless Charging and now supports fast charge and even comes with a 18W fast charger.We know that the last XS and XS Max were good performers so it is possible that we might see that here as well. The device runs on the iOS 13. You could get the beta version of this operating system earlier for iPhone devices but wasn’t guaranteed to be all that stable, but even then it was a whole lot better than iOS 12. Apple said that the upgraded version will be out in September which means that the new handsets will ship out with iOS 13. The release they permitted last year mostly had upgrades that made the performance better. But when placed side by side, the new iOS 13 is much snappier and have loads is smaller, but critical additions. Such as the content sharing, highlighting Apple Maps locations, hands-free navigation.What is missing thankfully, is the intrusive volume graphic. From what we observed when using the test OS was that this version is one step closer to perfection. On the most notable feature is the Dark Mode, and is somewhat consistent to a similar feature on the MacOSMojave, but is one that’s welcome none the less. A lot like the Night mode black out on Android, here the OS UI takes on this frosty gray colour and this change is reflected on some of the first party apps as well. The night mode has a selection of four light and dark abstract wallpapers. The catch is that this dark mode can only be activated in night or when you custom schedule it to come onOrder iphone 11 pro Back Covers Online and avail the superb discounts Blackbora has to offer.


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Maps have been fleshed out as well, and rebuilds maps from the ground up, but for now is limited to some parts of the US. Here, the maps app will show you even more detailed maps, and will even render roads, buildings – think Google Street View and 3D Effects in the palm of your hand. In fact, it has something like this called Look Around, and gives you the opportunity move around, or through environments. In other words, the map moves with you, turning directions as you walk. You can activate this with a double tap and is much smoother. Maps activates real time traffic suggestions for public transport and favourite locations are tabbed to the home screen. The reminders apps has been given a reboot too, and you now have something called Smart Lists that break up all tasks into groups based on daily, important activities and what’s scheduled for later.And, you can even attach links, images, videos, photos and documents inside them.With expanded integration, contacts can be tagged in the same way to a reminder and you can message them straight from the reminder instead of opening the chat apps separately. It will pop up as a notification when you go back to that chat. Another cool thing is the Voice Control, where you can use the entire phone hands free. Its responds by opening apps, on screen navigation buttons, add or edit text. And if you happen to be using apps that aren’t voice optimised, you can use the Show grid or the Show Numbers command so that you can select elements from inside that app UI. You now have a dedicated swipe to type keyboard too using the Quick Path feature that’s a lot like Swift Key.The revamped apps and the Dark Mode are the best yet and actually remind us of Android. All apps are now half the size and more efficient, neater that way and will reduce storage and increase device speed.It also means that they will load faster as well. Same goes with the updates that are due on the Pro will be 60% smaller.We have over 300 designer back cases and covers for iphone 11 pro, designed with love by designers from all around the world.

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The graphics for the silent mode and the volume have been revamped so that they don’t interfere with or obstruct your viewing when these modes are active, or when watching a video. For one, there is this pretty handy alert that comes on top of the screen when you turn on the silent and ring switch. They have this new volume bar that shows up next to the volume buttons that moves to the top or the middle of the screen when its rotated between landscape and portrait, it collides with the built in volume controls on some apps and could get in the way at times, especially on the YouTube app. The other interesting thing is Car Play that is used with driving and has a special dashboard view too. In this view, you have a navigation window on the home screen next to the areas that shows you driving information like time of arrival, media playback etc. To give you a better idea, its a lot like the Android Auto app, or at least the layout is.  And finally, functionality of the Memoji has been expanded as well, where smaller animations can be sent out as stickers, instead of the fully animated CG models earlier and you can even share them with other phones as well, where they render nicely too. Apple had added all of the smaller essential features that add punch to the new iOS in the areas that needed it the most, and with the new OS have really outdone themselves. This is the secret behind making the iPhone 11 Pro  powerful, very useful and in time, a big success. Additions like the Apple Sign In, Voice Control and the new Maps have resolved some long standing issues like maps favorite's that were tough to locate,the volume interface,performance and storage shortages caused by huge apps and updates.But its the Dark Mode that really makes the big differences.The slim fit cases for iphone 11 pro are made from thermally solidified durable polycarbonate material which are abrasion and impact resistant.

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