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The Apple Company is having a plan of introducing the type C USB port for the 2019 iPhones. Amongst its plans is to replace the USB-A with USB-C which is suitable for set lightning charging cables that are included in the box. However,a developer is really expecting that iPhone 11 will flop because of the very little changes that are from iPhone XS lineup. Moreover, we are not expecting any 5G on iPhone 11 since that’s next year’s plan on two new iPhones. The launching of iPhone 11 will not come with many new features. We are expecting a little since they are just an improvement of iPhone XS.Your beloved phone will be free from scratches and harm if you buy fancy mobile covers online for your Apple iphone 11

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All our back cases have precision cut-outs which ensure that you have access to all the ports, buttons and cameras on Apple iphone 11 without any hindrance. For the very first time, there will be a phone with three Rear Cameras. This looks very weird since there have never been a phone with such a feature. We will be expecting the phone not to be attractive at the back because of the three camera lenses, but there will be a conceal for the three lenses. However, now that Apple Company has introduced a phone with three lenses we expect it have one of the very powerful cameras. The photos to be taken with these phones to be the best and therefore, we do not expect poor quality photos and videos as its predecessors. We are expecting the Apple Company to introduce the Apple Pencil support on the iPhone this year. It is after the high expectations in the previous years, which was a disappointment. In the 2019 iPhone lineup, the Apple Pencil support will be added. On the same note, The Apple Company’s idea is to put a supercapacitor stylus that is not expensive to manufacture. This stylus will not be like a pen like those other phones, but more like a pencil. There is an Apple pencil two in the new iPad, which performs strangely. For instance, gestures. Nevertheless, when there is need of charging the stylus, it attaches to the tablet magnetically.The Apple design will shift and induce a 5-nanometer design for the processors. Since A12 Bionic has a chip that is a 7-nanometer, we expect the improvement to be for a fast and efficient processor. Apple has closely been at work with Taiwan Semiconductor for the supply of processors in the iPhones. However, analysts have told the EE Times the Apple Company had a deal with Taiwan Semiconductors over the supply of the processors for 2019 iPhones. A12 processor is the one that has been in use for all this years, and now that there is so much improvement since iPhone XS Max, then we expect a much higher and faster processor.


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We will be expecting a wireless charging which is bi-directional and that allows the device to charge other devices. The device is similar to that which was added to Samsung’s S10. The battery will be bigger than those of the 2018 models, for supporting the feature of bi-directional charging. IPhone 11 is going to succeed iPhone XS with a big gap. The battery off XS is between 3200 mAh and 3500 mAh whereas the one for the successor will be having a 3650 mAh. No iPhone has ever cracked the list of the longest battery life, but from the look of things, iPhone 11 is the one that will try breaking this list.  We also are expecting USB C and a power brick that has an 18-watt fast charging capability.We take into account form with function, thus each back cover will not only provide you ultimate all around protection to your Apple iphone 11 but also add boatload of style to your phone. 


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iPhone 11 is expected to be launched on September 10th ,2019 and its preorder made on September 13th ,2019 . Therefore, the release date is expected to be a bit late and that is on September 20th ,2019. This was the long awaited moment because most people cannot wait to see this strange device being released. When we look at other phones in the lineup, we find that, iPhone XS is priced at 999 US dollars. This is evident that the price of iPhone 11 is not any lesser. The price is expected to hit the 1000 US dollars line. However, we are not expecting 5G this year, because Apple is planning to launch 5G phones next year. Therefore, this year’s phones like iPhone 11 will not benefit.These cases and covers are super easy to install i.e. they are neither too tight nor too loose, which means you do not have to remove it from Apple iphone 11 to have access to connect charger or headphones or connect to other devices.

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Rumours are abuzz that the new Apple iPhone will have loads of surprises when it finally hits the market sometime in 2019. The date has been confirmed as September 10, but we’re not sure for which market – so we are just going to go ahead and guess the US one, and the devices will have double the storage and an all new design. We know that they are going to be pricey but can’t give you an exact number. What we do know is that they are ready to be shipped out next week and will run on the iOS 13 right out of the box. They are set to receive the 13.0.1 OTA update in October and eventually to the full iOS 13.1.The devices running the new OS is a given. According to sources online, the series of three phones will sport the triple camera system, as being seen everywhere else. It is possible, going on the leaked pictures, that Apple will place them in a square shaped panel. You can order best mobile covers for Apple iphone X1 from the comfort of your home, while we would make sure to deliver you a beautiful cover super quick.

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On the inside, the devices are expected to have a 7nm A13 SoC, new and improved Taptic Engine that will boost haptic feedback. Then, part of the iOS will come with better features like multi-angle face recognition and a USBC type port. The A13 chip will have six cores and will look and be able to perform like the A12, only 12% faster, when carrying out single core tasks and have enough speed with 4GB RAM. Some time back a video surfaced on YouTube about a dummy iPhone 11. That device had a quad-cam unit, gold and stainless steel accents around the edges.Also included on the new iPhone is this reserve wireless charging. One design parameter is a holo graphic coating, very close to what’s seen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. There will be a matte finish on some of the devices and they will be more water and shatter resistant. The new iPhone XR sequel will be upgraded with a dual camera. The quad-camera will be limited to just the ‘Pro’ and ‘Pro Max’ sequels and this camera module will house a ultra-wide lens, telephoto, wide angle lens. So, obviously the camera software has be upgraded too – for example, it can take three images at a time from the all the different lenses and combine the most optimal of them for the one ‘ultimate’ photo. Then, there’s the addition of the ‘Smart Frame’ that captures the area around the pictures for further adjustment of the frame and perspective.We take into account form with function, thus each back cover will not only provide you ultimate all around protection to your Apple iphone X1 but also add boatload of style to your phone. 

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The incoming models will have a base storage of 128 GB and apparently one can expand this to 256 GB and 516 GB. This new iPhone line-up will have better batteries, practically bezel-less screen and a 10 MP front camera that can capture 120fps slow motion video as well and is significantly larger due to the multi-angle face recognition. So it looks like most of the changes are in the camera department and the display is likely to stay the same, if only to support the bigger sensor. There is a Lightening port just next to the asymmetrical speakers on the bottom and the super sized screen notch. Since there have been no teasers, commercials to give us an idea of what to expect, we can’t really define any particular design or OS spec on the iPhone 11. For example, the handsets might work with the Apple Pencil, it looks as though the iPhone 11 Pro will be shipped with this capability and even possibly a shorter design or version of the Pencil made exclusively to work with this device. But, all of this has been assumed from a photo of a case that will be shipped with the handset – it has a cut-out for what seemed like an Apple Pencil.These cases and covers are super easy to install i.e. they are neither too tight nor too loose, which means you do not have to remove it from Apple iphone X1 to have access to connect charger or headphones or connect to other devices.

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One of the overwhelming upgrades that everyone has waited for is that Apple might drop the 5W charger for the USB C type port instead. The other big change is the removal of the 3D Touch pressure sensitive technology. Again we can’t be too sure here either as the Digitimes magazine points out that Apple’s suppliers for the touch modules have received enough orders for the new MacBook and iPad models to keep them busy till 2020.A Panda Designed Phone Case will express your love for super cute and super lazy Pandas.


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